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Milwaukee 48-22-1901 Fastback

Milwaukee Fastback Flip Open Utility Knife Review

Milwaukee Fastback Flip Open Utility Knife Review

Recently the folks at Milwaukee Tools sent me their Milwaukee 48-22-1901 Fastback to evaluate.
This knife was designed to activate the blade 3X faster than a 2-handed opening knife, the Fastback Utility Knife features a one handed blade opening for easy activation.
It has a thin body design which allows the user to comfortably the knife in a pocket.  An integrated gut hook and wire stripper also increase functionality of this tool.
The Milwaukee 48-22-1901 Fastback Knife has a button that locks the blade open or closed.  This is a huge safety feature and allows the user to bear down when cutting as well as rest assured the blade will not open in your pocket.  The one handed operation was not that easy but I soon got the hang of it.
Although I don’t do a lot of electrical work I occasionally strip a few wires and make some simple connections.  The wire stripper worked nicely and made super clean cuts.
Everyone I’ve shown this knife too has commented on the quality feel and cool features of the fastback utility knife.

In my opinion, there are three features that are worth noting and set this knife apart from the competition:

1.   A Tool Free Blade Change:
A push button allows the user to quickly and easily pull the utility blade straight out of the tool.
2.  Finger Detent:
A finger detent keeps the users hand from slipping toward the blade and allows for more control and effort to be placed into the cutting application.
3.  High Quality Clip:
I can’t tell you how many plastic clips I’ve busted over the years.  Milwaukee uses a heavy gauge wire clip that retains it’s pressure and holds the knife securely ~ well done!

Technical Details:

  • One Handed Blade Opening – Flip Blade Open up to 3X Faster
  • Tool Free Blade Change – Change Blades up to 5X Faster
  • Wire Stripper – Strip up to 10 Gauge Wire
  • Integrated Gut Hook – Cut Without Opening Knife
  • Thin Body Design – Easy Pocket Storage

Personally, this knife will not be replacing my fixed blade knife.  I have a pouch in my tool bag that holds a utility knife with a fixed [open] blade.  When working with the tool belt on, it is important for speed and efficiency that I am able to pull the blade out, use it and put it back in without un-folding or folding.

When working without my tool belt and I need a utility knife this knife is not only safe but effective and the best quality I’ve seen yet.  I was highly impressed!

If you carry a folding utility knife, I highly recommend the Milwaukee 48-22-1901 Fastback knife.   Once you’ve tried this knife you’ll know what I mean by “it feels like quality.” The Milwaukee Fastback utility knife sells for $13.00 online here:


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