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Milwaukee 2349-20 12 Volt Power Port

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Having a place or option to recharge a cellphone has almost become a necessity these days. That’s why I keep a cell phone charger in my laptop bag, a cigarette charger in my truck and always take an external battery on my travels.

Why An External Battery?

An external battery like the Milwaukee 2349-20 12 Volt Power Port is the perfect solution for charging your portable devices on the go. I seem to be using it more and more these days on the job-site, especially at trade-shows and the fact that it’s portable means you can charge your devices while on the move or in remote locations. Say goodbye to having to hang out at a public bathroom or common area to plug in your phone to use it.

Milwaukee 2349-20 12 Volt Power Port Features:

The Milwaukee 2349-20 12 Volt Power Port is lightweight, cordless and totally portable. It’s about the diameter of a cucumber only much shorter. It has a 12-volt DC port and a USB port that allow you to charge and power small electronics such as cell phones and MP3 players that draw up to three amps (DC) or 750ma (USB).

The 2349-20 with DC and USB ports can simultaneously charge and power up to five small electronics, such as cell phones, MP3 players, and mobile devices. Weighing less than one pound, and drawing its power from one M12 lithium-ion battery pack, this charger can fit in your tool belt, jacket pocket, or bag and does not need to plug into a wall outlet.

The Milwaukee 2349-20 12 Volt Power Port protects against high current draw, with built in electronic overload protection. If the current draw gets too high, the Power Port will simply shut down to protect itself and its battery. An LED lets you know the battery’s charge status and if an overload circuit has been tripped, in which case you simply need to remove and reset the packet.

Uses for the Milwaukee 2349-20 12 Volt Power Port:

I’ve been using the Milwaukee 2349-20 12 Volt Power Port for several weeks and found it most useful on the job-site, at trade shows and when traveling. I charged my LED work light, cellphone, Cannon Power-shot camera, GPS and Ipod off it. I also charged two items at the same time; my cell phone and my Ipod.

Of the top of my head it is also useful for charging the following electronics:


• Cellphone

• MP3 or Ipod

• Digital Camera

• Rechargeable flashlight

How Much And Where To Buy?

The Milwaukee 2349-20 12 Volt Power Port sells online for approximately $70.00 here: Milwaukee-2349-20-12-Volt-Power-Port

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