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MILESCRAFT Router Guide Kit 1223

Testing the DWP611PK compact router - hinge mortise

MILESCRAFT Router Guide Kit 1223 Review

Milescraft recently sent me their Router Guide Kit Model #1223 to evaluate. This is my second evaluation of Milescraft tools.

Video review:

Milescraft 2210 Long Reach Router

Router kit parts shown below.

This # 1223 kit comes has three separate tools in one kit:
1. An Offset base
2.  Circle cutting jig

3. A Edge Cutting Fence / Guide

First Impressions of the Kit:

The kit includes a 7″ TurnLock clear base plate which mounts and dismounts from the guide head without any tools, a guide bushing, a guide bushing centering pin, and easy to follow instructions.

These jigs mounts and dismounts in seconds without tools or hardware using Milescraft’s TurnLock technology. All you need is a router and the jig fits most routers up to 7-1/4 inches diameter.

The aluminum beam height is 20 inches and the base head measures 7 inches.

Their unique TurnLock™ technology allows the user to make router attachments without tools. This tool less option is a time saver and a useful option when working in the shop.

The jig came with all the necessary parts and instructions, was easy to set up and felt like quality.

Below I am setting up the clear router base on my router.

A centering pin ensures accurate mounting and of this base plate.

The red bushing allows you to center the base over the black pin. Once this procedure is complete you can be sure that your router bit will be centered. this clear base allows the router to easily be attached to the jigs.

The Offset Base

I found the 13″ Milescraft 1205 TurnLock Universal Offset Router Base Kit excellent for edge routing. The “offset” portion is a handle that is mounted away a from the router and down at the work surface. Having the knob so low to the work surface provided me with superior router stability and control. The extra surface area to the base plate also provided more stability.

Finally the transparent base easily allows you to watch the cutting action for greater accuracy. Center marks on see-through parts allow for easy alignment of the plate to the router base and a easy to operate thumb release provides for an easy removal of router.

The Circle [Arch] Cutting Jig:

This jig was fun to use. It cuts circles from 10 inches up to 51 inch’s in diameter .

The jig relies on a centering pin that is mounted to the board with a pin nail.
This adjustable center pin locks anywhere along the 20″ aluminum beam for quick, adjustable and accurate set up.

I don’t make circle alot but I do find myself cutting arches and half circles on the ends of bookcase shelves, built-ins and stairs. the jig performed beautifully and as advertised.

The issue I had was when I was setting up a cut on a board and the router was off the wood, the weight of the router lifted the jig off the centering pin. Once I realized this I was easily adjusted myself to hold the jig on the pin.

The Edge Guide:

The edge guide has a sturdy metal edge guide that easily adjusts for cuts from the boards edge to 31″ from the edge.

I found this jig useful in cutting dado’s, rabbits and even edge routing.

I suggest adding an auxiliary fence for better edge stability and Milescraft provides four holes for attaching a fence.

Testing Out the Jigs:

Overall Impression:

Having one tool that cuts circles, arches and is also an edge guide is nice! I like the feel and the quality of the jig.

Milescrafts unique TurnLock™ technology is impressive. The router base once attached fits all of their jigs including my SignPro Sign making Jig.

The circle and edge guides attach to and slide on the aluminum rail with T-nuts and you have to take time to make sure they line up correctly in order to make you attachments.

I enjoyed using the jig, anyone who uses a router would benefit from this three tool in one kit. Highly recommended!

The Milescraft 1223 Router Guide Kit is available for $39.99 at Lowe’s and various woodworking retail outlets or find it online in the ‘Buy Now’ drop down menu on the Milescraft Product Page here.

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