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Matching Molding Profiles

Contour Gauge – Matching Molding Profiles

In the remodeling world, I often get called in to alter or build something new in an older home.  In these situations the homeowner usually wants the new moldings and details to match the older moldings. That’s where the contour gauge comes in.

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Sometimes this is easy and other times it’s not.  In almost every case matching molding, profiles involve making a profile of the old molding and transfer it to my notes or reference a local molding catalog.  I do this with a Johnson contour duplication gauge.

Johnson Level & Tool 2206 6-Inch Ruled Contour Duplication Gauge

This Johnson profile gauge is an excellent tool for Matching Molding Profiles.   It’s also very useful for installing copying difficult tile profiles, wallpaper, woodworking, and trim scribing.  I rely on this gauge so much that I actually have two of them; one is in my estimating bag and the other is in my finish carpentry tool-bag.



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