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Master Bathroom Remodel

Master Bath Partridge Lane Project

This is a brief synopsis of our Partridge Lane Master Bathroom Remodel. From the bright marble tile to the octagonal shower floor and niche backsplash, this modern bath feels modern, clean, and refreshing.

Bathroom Fixtures

We used Grohe “Lineare” fixtures in this bathroom remodel. The shower is controlled by a SmartControl Triple Function Thermostatic Module in a Chrome finish. These fixtures keep with the concept of minimalism, this line is based on a composition of two simple geometric structures – cylindrical bodies and thin rectangular forms of the handle and spout create beautiful harmonious compositions.

Lineare has been reduced to only the necessary elements to achieve the thinnest possible appearance. The line is based on a composition of two simple geometric structures. The thin rectangular geometries of the spout and lever extend parallel from the pure cylindrical body. The spout has been moved up to achieve an elegant and lightweight appearance to create a product that perfectly fits in the modern architectural context.

Bathroom Vanities

The left and right matching Baden Haus Vanities have tempered glass counters and sinks. These Italian vanities are sleek, modern, and super fun and add a visual element to any master bathroom remodel.

Shower Enclosure

For the shower enclosure, we used a low-iron Shower-Guard glass with chrome hardware and a ladder pull handle. Shower-Guard glass is permanently protected from contaminants that corrode standard shower glass, dulling its appearance. When Shower-Guard glass is made, an invisible coating is fused to the surface, covering the microscopic peaks and valleys that naturally occur in float glass. This not only creates a smoother, shinier surface but also results in little opportunity for the residue to collect.

Once finished, low-iron glass is protective, yet still clear enough to allow natural light to pass through. With color-neutral edges, low-iron glass is ideal for frameless glass enclosures.

The glass fabrication was done by HMI Glass in Whitinsville, MA

Master Bathroom Remodel –  Tile

To give the master bathroom remodel a modern feel, we chose large-format wall tiles supplemented with small, octagon tiles on the floor and wall niche. Schlueter finish strips outline the niche and help us create a clean termination at the end of the shower tile wall.



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