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Marking Wood

Marking Trim – Carpenter’s Tip

Marking Wood – using a pencil or a utility knife

Pencil Marks:

The age old argument between carpenters on marking wood: The Pencil vs. The Utility Knife.  Which one do you use?

A simple pencil mark can be confusing. Sometimes the line is slightly curved. Where do you cut?  Finish marks should be crisp arrow points. The tip of the arrow is the exact mark. Place an “X” on the waste side of the cut.

Utility Knife Marks:
I use my utility knife to make a “tic” mark in all finish work and trim work that I plan on cutting. The knife is thinner than a pencil mark and allows for a more accurate fit.
Leaving the tape measure in my pocket.  I usually try to hold the trim piece in place and then mark it with the knife. This leaves the most accurate mark and usually ends up in a really nice tight fitting board.

~ concord carpenter

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