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M18 FUEL Grinder 2783-22 Review

M18 FUEL Grinder 2783-22M18 FUEL 4-1/2” / 5” Kit (2783-22) Review

Milwaukee Tool just released the first cordless M18 FUEL Grinder 2783-22 with a rapid stop braking feature and kickback-reducing clutch solution, increasing job-site safety for grinder uses. The M18 FUEL 4-1/2” / 5” Braking Grinder has a built in brake that stops the grinder wheel in under 2 seconds. This safety technology coupled with an innovator accessory removal, FIXTEC nut, got our attention.

Using a Grinder

Building contractors do not use grinders every day, but when they do need them they are an invaluable tool. Grinders are designed for metal cutting, surface preparation, and concrete preparation.


Grinder Use

There are many uses were a grinder is the go to tool, such as:


M18 FUEL Grinder 2783-22 Review

This new grinder measures 15 1/4 inches long and weighs only 6.1 pounds. It uses a paddle switch and the motor spin the 5/8″ arbor wheel at 8500 RPMs.

Many existing cordless braking grinders on the market are effective as cut-off tools, the M18 FUEL grinder in also powerful enough to grind, cut and surface prep.

The tools metal housing and gearing system is heavy duty and durable. Milwaukee used the same housing that they use in their high performance corded grinders. A protective screen called Job Site Armor™ protects the grinders motor and prevents debris contamination during grinding in cutting operations.

Rapid Stop Braking, Kickback-Reducing Clutch and Anti Vibration

Safety has become a major focus with tool manufacturers, and Milwaukee is paying attention. Tool buyers and users, today not only buying tools to get the job done, efficiently, but also safely.

This new rapid stop breaking feature stops the grinding wheel in under 2 seconds, I was impressed. A built in kickback-reducing clutch helps eliminate the tool from spinning out of the operators hands causing injury.

An anti-vibration handle reduces vibration, and increases user control and comfort. The grinders durable housing has a thin body design, which works well with balance and handling ergonomics.

For safety, there is no lock on for this tools paddle switch.

Tool Free

The M18 FUEL Grinder 2783-22 is a 100% tool-free; the guard and accessories, all changes can easily, without a wrench, utilizing a FIXTEC nut.  This is one of those, “why didn’t I think of that,” moments.  Its smart, innovative and extremely useful!!

To operate the FIXTEC nut, flip up the locking FIXTEC nut tab, and unscrew the nut. The grinder accessory is easily and quickly changed. What an outstanding improvement and innovation for this tool!


In our testing, the M18 FUEL Grinder 2783-22 Cut rebar with ease, what really impressed us, was its ability to grind metal without bogging down or the having the motor shut down to protect the tool from overloading. Cutting power was a breeze!

M18 FUEL Grinder 2783-22 Specifications

How Much?

The Milwaukee 2783-22 M18 Fuel 5″ Braking Grinder – Kit sells for $499.00 here: Milwaukee-2783-22-Fuel-Braking-Grinder

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