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Little Giant SumoStance 28 Fiberglass Extension Ladder

Little Giant SumoStance 28 Fiberglass Extension LadderThe  Little Giant SumoStance is a step above!

The folks at Little Giant recently sent me a Little Giant SumoStance 28 Fiberglass Extension Ladder to review and evaluate.  Coming home to see a 28 foot box on your front steps is a site to see.  Opening that box is nothing short of a comedy act!

I first heard about Little Giant through their innovative multi-use ladder, and their recently released new side step ladder.  Little Giant Ladder Systems has a reputation for making safe, strong, versatile ladders.

First Impression:

The  Little Giant SumoStance 28’ Fiberglass Extension Ladder is unlike any ladder I have seen before.

The ladder is black with safety orange outriggers.  Both the base and the fly section of the ladder has rectangular cut outs which I’m sure are the reason why this ladder is 25 to 30 percent lighter than my other extension ladders.

This ladder is constructed of aerospace grade 6005-T5 aluminum and a special patented fiberglass resin.

The base of this ladder has outriggers that are adjustable and assist in leveling the ladder – nice touch!

 Using the Little Giant sumoStance Ladder:

I found the 28 foot extension ladder to be easy to lift, carry and set up.  The leveling outriggers were easy to use.   At only 62pounds this ladder is light and screams of quality.

I immediately noticed that the rungs were comfortable and sturdy, which is super important f your working on this ladder all day.    The fly section had little to no slop in its movement – very impressive.

To set the outriggers a simple tilt of the ladder, push of a lever and the outrigger is easily pushed out with your foot.  A visual red indicator lets you know it the outrigger is fully engaged.

The top of the outrigger has a convenient spirit level to assist you in leveling your ladder.  Little Giants claims that the SumoStance outriggers increase the ladders stability to 500 percent.  How’s that for safety?

Fully extended the 28 foot extension ladder has a maximum extension of 27 feet and a safe standing height of 20’ – 10”.

This ladder has a V rung and cable hooks. I did not use these and as a carpenter probably never will.

This ladder is rated a Type 1A, for 300 pounds.   In construction its super important for safety to only use type 1A ladders especially if your attaching ladder brackets and a staging plank to it.

Overall Impression:

The Little Giant SumoStance 28 Fiberglass Extension Ladder is one of the nicest ladders I’ve used.  I have never felt more secure on a ladder before,  typically I only purchase Werner ladders.  I am going to have to rethink that decision now.

As far as safety you can’t beat this ladder with the outriggers.   The SumoStance also meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI safety standards.

The accessories on my ladder are useless to me.  Little Giant is known for their innovative and safe designs.  I’d like to see a roof hook with recessed wheels on a 28’ ladder.  This ladder would have to have a base / fly section locking system to allow the ladder to be hooked over the ridge of a roof.

Overall this ladder is amazing and the safety measures alone make this purchase a no brainer!

How much and where to buy:

The Little Giant SumoStance extension ladder is available on their website for $ 659.00.  It’s a steep price but when considering the outrigger stabilizers and the level of safety they provide the price is worth it.

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