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Leviton R.E.B Recessed Entertainment Box

 Leviton solves Audio visual Install Problems With R.E.B Recessed Entertainment Box

It seems that most of our remodels involve some sort of audio visual aspect from wall mounted TV to surround sound speakers in the walls and ceiling.  Recently I got a peek at an innovative product from Leviton called the Leviton R.E.B Recessed Entertainment Box.

R.E.B. A Real Problem Solver:

The Leviton R.E.B Recessed Entertainment Box allows for a recessed  installation of  audio, video, data and phones behind wall-mounted TVs, entertainment centers, monitors and more.    It is designed to help the installer manage home theater electronics from a single location.   Gone are the days where you have to push out your equipment of cabinets due to plugs and connections.

The Leviton R.E.B Recessed Entertainment Box has a low profile frame and comes in white ABS plastic and is flush-mounted on the wall.  It works with both new construction and remodeling retrofit applications and results in an aestheticly pleasing, neat, recessed installation.

A snap-in junction box cover provides the installer with a means of running electrical piping for component to component applications.

How Much and Where To Buy:

The  Leviton R.E.B Recessed Entertainment Box  can be purchased online here: Leviton-47617-REB-Recessed-Entertainment-Includes


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