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Leviton Occupancy Sensor Light

Leviton Compact Fluorescent Ceiling Fixture with Occupancy Sensor Model 9863 – ReviewLeviton Occupancy Sensor Light

Leviton Occupancy Sensor Light Is Ideal for Closets, Garages, Storage Areas, Attics and Basements:

The folks at LEVITON recently sent me their  new Compact Fluorescent Ceiling light with an  Occupancy Sensor to evaluate and review.

LEVITON has a new Compact Fluorescent Ceiling light for closets and closed spaces that turn on automatically by an occupancy sensor.   Fluorescent lighting is the energy-efficient alternative to incandescent fixtures as well as code compliant for enclosed spaces and closets.

What Is An Occupancy Sensor?

An occupancy sensor is basically a motion-sensing light  that is activated by a motion sensor rather than by a conventional light switch. A motion-sensor can either replace conventional light switches or be placed onto an existing lighting fixture. While motion-sensing lights are normally associated with outdoor lighting applications, they are becoming increasingly popular indoors in places such as closets, hallways, public restrooms, commercial spaces, garages and basements.

First Impression:

The   Leviton Occupancy Sensor Light is made from durable high impact plastic and has three wires.  For a standard  wiring application all you need to do is connect the white and black wires.  the third wire is only used with remote switches.

The 13W bulb equals a 60 watt incandescent bulb.    One observation of this lamp is how “squat” or “short” is.   If you have a low ceiling like I do in my basement having a low profile or squat fixture is a plus.

The LEVITON Occupancy Sensor Fluorescent Ceiling Light meets NFPA® 70, NEC® Section 410.16 Requirements.

Designed to reduce the risk of fire in closets, it can also be utilized in open spaces. Suitable for all areas of the home, it automatically senses movement to turn lights ON and is easy to install with pigtail leads and mounting holes for multiple box configurations. Sold with 13W lamp and lamp guard.


The LEVITON occupancy sensor can be installed in closets, workrooms, basements, storage areas, utility rooms and attics.  The light turns ON automatically when motion is detected and OFF after 3 minutes when no motion is detected green LED indicator light blinks when motion is detected.


The LEVITON occupancy sensor has a lamp output  of  900 lumen with a lamp Color of 2700 K.   The average lamp ife is  10,000 hours.  Some of the benefits of using a CFL bulb is a 10,000 average bulb life which can save up to 65% more energy than incandescent bulbs.

This unit comes with a polycarbonate twist-off lamp guard for safety.

Installing the LEVITON Occupancy Sensor Light:

The  LEVITON occupancy sensor installed quickly and easily.   The unit has mounting holes for a 4″ octagonal box as well as for a 3-1/4″ octagonal box.    I chose to install my new sensor at the bottom of my basement stairs.

Many times when working in my wood shop my family will turn off the lights to the old part of my basement.  When leaving my shop in order to get back upstairs I often have to “feel” my way through the old portion of the basement.  Now the  LEVITON occupancy sensor turns on when I get into the old basement and illuminates the stairs for me.   A nice safety feature!!

 Features And Benefits:

 Overall Impression:

Motion-sensing lights are great for lighting areas that you only use briefly, or only pass through.  By automatically turning off after a few minutes, LEVITON is helping you to save electricity and help conserve energy resources.

The time and effort [20 minutes] expended to install this unit is no where near the benefits you’ll reap on energy savings, safety and convenience.  The auto-shut off feature saves you money:  after three minutes of inactivity, the light shut off to save time and electricity.

I highly recommend you consider a unit like this for this spaces that will benefit the most.  Here are a few places I’d like to add LEVITON’s occupancy sensors:

How Much And Where To Buy:

The LEVITON occupancy sensor sells at lighting stores for $49.99.  It seems pricey but the ease of install makes this a perfect DIY project and the quality of the unit will ensure years of use.

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