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Lead Safety Rule

Lead Safety Rule


Lead Paint Safety Rule

Well it’s taken the EPA almost 20 years but I think they may finally act on Lead safety rules and the problems associated with lead dust during renovations.  The impetus behind this lead safety rule is to require the construction industry to contribute in the prevention of lead poisoning among children.

The EPA claim that the lead dust created during renovations is partly to blame for about 120,000 cases of elevated lead levels in children younger than 6 each year.

They also assert that this lead safety rule will affect 38 million houses built prior to 1978.

Training Required

Training in lead-safe work practices for this new regulation is being conducted as we speak but the problem I’ve seen is that the government has failed to advertise this change in regulation and required certification.

Many contractors, painters and carpenters as well as homeowners I know, are hearing about this new regulation for the first time through me!

HEPA Vacuums

Contractors will also be required to invest in special $ 400.00 HEPA vacuums that suck up and trap dust, plastic protection, cleaning supplies and scaffolding for outdoor projects.

Additional Job Costs

Estimates that this new rule will add $500 to $1,500 per job in time, materials and labor to protect against lead dust migration are realistic!

E.P.A. officials, however, said that, except for exterior jobs, following the new work practices would add only $8 to $167 per job. That’s just plain unrealistic!

Homeowner Exclusion

The new rule does not cover homeowners performing their own renovations.  Homeowners are allowed to poison themselves!

My issue with this new regulation is it seems almost too restrictive and some of the requirements are not practical for real world situations.

Rewarding the Cheaters?

I’m concerned that this new regulation will hamper the contractors who want to do things right and reward the “fly by nighters,” unlicensed and insured contractors or the illegals who circumvent the permitting process and don’t follow any of the rules….. we’ll see!

Read this informative article at Home Construction website  on the Lead paint law for more information.

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