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Wasteful Watering

Click on photo to see lawn sprinkler “washing” a parked vehicle above, and below to see sprinkler watering lawn during a rain storm.

Yesterday while driving past a local Inn, I couldn’t help but stop and take in the WASTEFUL watering of the lawn on a rainy day when 2″ of rain was foretasted

This watering was not only wasteful, useless and costly but also EASILY AVOIDED with the addition of a twenty-five dollar Rain Sensor and about 1-2 hours of installation.

Rain Sensor

A lawn sprinkler timer with a rain sensor is an easy to install, durable and suitable for 24VAC residential and commercial applications.

This product mounts to the outside of the building and conserves water by automatically measuring precipitation and preventing irrigation systems from watering in rainy conditions.

The sensor is adjustable allowing you to fine tune your system dependent on the amount of rainfall received

Conserve Water!

~ concord carpenter

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