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LaSquare Combination Square

LaSquare Combination Square by LaGeese Products

Before the speed square there was the combination square or fixed square.   A combination square is measuring and marking tool used for multiple situations.   Woodworkers, masons and metalworkers all use them.  The combination squares that I grew up using are composed of a ruler blade  that slides along a fixed base with a 90° and 45° angle on the base.   A thumb screw controls the ruler slide.  

The folks at LaGesse Products are offering a new and improved version of the combination square.  It’s called the LaSquare and is designed with a much larger base to improve stability and accuracy in a your combination square applications. 

The LaSquare Combination Square has a precision aluminum square head, a built-in level and stainless steel blade for durability to harsh job-site conditions and is made in the USA. 

The LaSquare Combination Square head measures 5″ [L] x 2″ [W] x 4″ [H] and it is the 2 – inch wide face that gives this combination square it’s stability on everything from  wood, stone and round stock. 

 The ruler on the LaSquare Combination Square has etched, graduation marks that are black filled for visibility.   The graduation marks come in 8th, 16th, 32nds and 64ths which will make finish carpenters and cabinet makers happy!

The LaSquare Combination Square comes with four different sized ruler blades:

  1. 12″ standard stainless steel blade
  2. 12″ precision ground machinist blade
  3. 18″ precision ground machinist blade
  4. 24″ precision ground machinist blade


The LaSquare will sell for $ 35.95 up to $ 92.95 depending on the model and blade length.

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