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Laser Guide For The Miter Saws

Miter Saw Laser

I’ve always been intrigued by laser guides on saws but was never really impressed with their accuracy. Laser guides have made it possible for saw operators to use their saws in a safer and more accurate manner than ever before.

Recently LaserUS Inc. sent me a pair of their laser guides to evaluate.


The guides were super easy to install. They basically take the place of your arbor washer on your saw.  Make sure to store the original washer in a safe place.

Close up of the Laser guide.


Back side of the Laser guide and the original saw washer.

Front view.


The red laser line comes out of the guide right next to the saw blade and is activated by the centrifugal force of the spinning blade.

The guides are powered by three inexpensive and readily available watch type batteries and come with an extra set of batteries.

According to LaserUs these batteries are not bothered by the heat or cold and last a long time since they are only drawing power when the saw blade is spinning.  The batteries are reported to last a long time since they do not run down.  The laser kit also comes with a wrench, few arbor bolt options in case you need a slightly longer bolt to attach the laser to your saw.

Once installed, there is no more guessing where the blade will cut.  More importantly, no further adjustments to the saw laser guide will be required for making quick, accurate, and safe cuts every time.


The laser guides fit most 7-1/4 in , 8 in, 10in, and 12 in chop, miter, sliding compound miter and hand held circular saws.

By simply installing the Laser Arbor Saw Guide alongside the saw blade, a bright easy to see beam of light illuminates every time the saw is turned on thanks to a battery operated laser, a unique switch designed to turn the laser on when the saw blade begins to rotate.



I was impressed with the accuracy of these guides. The laser line aligned up exactly at the cut line. Exactly on the left side of the saw kerf. See photo below.


I ended up mounting a guide on my 12″ miter saw as well as my 7 1/4″ circular saw. I was amazed at the pin point accuracy of these laser guides. They really worked well.  With the simple installation of the laser guide an illuminated laser line showed exactly where the blade cut before it even touches the material.

This could be very useful for some people and DIYers. Indoors these laser guides provide a bright red line that is easy to see.  Outdoors I was barely able to make out the line at all.

When I contacted the company for an explanation I was told in order to use the guide in bright you need rose/red tinted safety glasses. The suns rays wash out the red beam of the laser.

If you work outdoors, this guide may not be for you. I work outdoors 75 percent of the time and for me this is unacceptable, as is wearing the glasses.  If you work mostly indoors or in a workshop these guides are amazingly accurate.

I am planning on moving my guides indoors to my workshop miter and circular saws.


The laser guides sell for approximately $24.95 and can be Laserguide4saw,

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