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Ladder Safety20 Ladder Safety Tips

Every year falls from  ladder account for an increasing number of severe injuries and even death.

Here are a few ladder safety pointers,  some you may know and others you may not know:

Ladder Safety is Serious:

  1. A rigid ladder should be leaned against a vertical wall or other structure at an angle of about fifteen degrees.
  2. When using an extension ladder against the eave of a home there should be a minimum of 3 rungs over the top of the roof.
  3. Do not make a ladder longer by setting it on boxes or other supports. This is not a time to save your pennies, just get a longer ladder.
  4. Level the ladder on secure ground and test it before climbing.
  5. Never set a ladder in front of a door without a person watching for people coming in and out.
  6. Unless absolutely necessary don’t use set up a ladder on ice or snow.
  7. Always face a ladder when climbing.
  8. Bulky loads – Don’t carry it, go up first and set up a lift system, either a pulley or some way to get the load up.
  9. Never use a ladder around any wiring.
  10. Don’t move a ladder when you are on it by jostling with it.
  11. Never use a ladder as a walking platform.
  12. Don’t use a ladder on a scaffold – make the scaffold go higher.
  13. Never use a step ladder over 20′ high.
  14. Never set up ladder when high winds are in progress.
  15. A ladder must be on a right angle to the surface and not leaned.
  16. Do not go higher than the second step from the top of a ladder.
  17. Don’t tie two ladders together to make one.
  18. Do not straddle a step ladder, with one foot on the front and one on the back.
  19. Always open a step ladder completely.
  20. The base of a long ladder should be anchored and, if possible, use anchor bolts to the wall of the structure with strong rope to the ladder.

Ladder safety is no joke.  Take the time to go over these rules and make sure your crew knows them as well.  also check out our article on Nail Gun safety



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