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Kobalt 27 Piece Extreme Access Socket Set

Kobalt 27-Piece Standard 1/4-in and 3/8-in Drive Xtreme Access Socket Set

I consider carpenters mechanics – we fix things and work with carpentry tools but don’t often get a chance to use mechanic tools like socket sets too often.  Most times we get to use a socket set when building structural frames like headers, beams and decks.  I for one enjoy nuts and bolt stuff!

Recently Kobalt came out with their 27 piece Kobalt Socket Set.   Whe I first saw this set I was intrigued and impressed with the design.  The sockets have a pass through design that allows the threaded bolt to passs through.  Gone are the days of needing a super deep Socket.

The design of the Kobalt Socket Set is ingenious and I had a “I wish I thought of it” moment.

I recently got my chance to test out this set  when I had to remove the cast iron top of my workshop table saw to repair it.

The sockets have a dual-functional spline-drive works on both SAE and metric fasteners.  I likes that feature but felt the sockets  felt a bit light and almost too thin for long term strength.

I really love the pass through design but don’t like that the set has four different adapters for different size fasteners – super annoying!  I found it a pain to deal with, although I’m sure they will appeal to guys who like gadgets.  Having to constantly think about adding or switching adapters make me less likely to use this set.  One other issue I had with the set is that some of the sockets would fall out of the ratchet if angled just right or if there was the slightest of momentum or contact with another object.  Hopefully the folks at Kobalt will address that issue.

The 27 piece Kobalt Socket Set is a perfect solution for those long threaded bolt applications and I can see them being super handy in those situations, this is strictly a DIY level tool.  I’d like to see a PRO version released.



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