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KLEERWRAP Postwraps Save Installation Time and MoneyKleerWrap Post Wraps

KleerWrap  a Westfield, Massachusetts company and American manufacturer of cellular PVC trim products, decking, moldings, and PVC sheet stock recently introduced  an easy, cost-effective and fast way to wrap support posts with PVC trim.

Called the  KLEERWrap Post Wrap, all a contractor has to do is cut the Post Wrap to length, wrap it around the post and then apply a small bead of KLEER Cellular PVC Adhesive to each of the joints along the length of the KLEERWrap Post Wrap and snaps it into place.  The contractor no longer has to wait for glue to dry to remove tape and straps that hold the wrap together.

As a trim carpenter I can’t wait to try this new product out this Spring!!!!

Made From Cellular PVC:

The KleerWrap Post Wrap is manufactured from cellular PVC, is paint-able and resists rot and insect infestation. They are also backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty against splintering, rotting, delaminating or swelling excessively due to moisture.

Sizes Available:

Currently the KleerWrap Post Wraps can be ordered to fit 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 posts and come in 8 and 10 foot lengths.   The 8×8 post wrap is only available in 10 foot sections.

Steps to Install KleerWrap Post Wrap:

  1. Cut KLEERWrap Post Wrap to length on a miter saw.
  2. Wrap around post
  3. Apply a bead of KLEER Celluar PVC adhesive to each side of joint
  4. Snap joints together
  5. Remove tape and straps





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