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KingSo 30″ Fire Pit / Steel BBQ Grill Bowl with Screen Cover Review

KingSo 30″ Fire Pit / Steel BBQ Grill Bowl with Screen Cover

KingSo recently reached out to us and wanted to showcase one of their fire ring on our Weekend Warrior page. They sent over their 30″ Fire Pit / Steel BBQ Grill Bowl with Screen Cover which features a grilling rack that can be raised or lowered to your desired height. The fire pit also comes with a mesh spark screen cover.

Fire pits, also known as outdoor fireplaces, are the most common design feature today, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects. They add ambiance to a chilly evening, and it’s relaxing to sit and look at a roaring fire. You can also get one for a lot less money than you would expect.

Outdoor Fire Safety

The first step in ensuring the safety of your fire pit is to choose the right location. If you’re using a portable fire pit, make sure the ground is level. Keep fires at least 10 to 20 feet away from nearby plants as well as nearby structures, including your house. Check with your local city and county governments to make sure you’re keeping the legal distance.

Invest some time in researching fire pit protection, whether you already have one or intend to install one. This is particularly true if you’ve never used a fire pit before. A cozy fire can quickly transform into a raging inferno in a matter of seconds. Keep your family and friends safe so you can get the most out of your fire ring.

Cooking on the KingSo

The ceramic cooking grate is non-toxic, non-stick, easy to clean, and will not rust. The barbecue grill swivels a complete 360 degrees and can be balanced in height for perfectly toasted or grilled many types of food over the flames. The grill can also be taken apart and put directly on the outdoor fire pit. KingSo even designed the grill grate with a ring around the edge to prevent the food from falling off.

Protective Screen

The KingSo pit comes with a diamond-shaped mesh screen to protect you and all things around you from possible dangerous flying embers. Seasoned wood and kindling can pop when burning and cause embers to shot directly at you, your fire guests, outdoor furniture, and even your house or in our case brand new camper. There is a detachable heat shield at the bottom of the fire bowl which will catch the ash and not allow it to fall directly on the ground or the lawn.

Long-Lasting Finish

The longevity of the fire pit comes from the heavy-duty gauge steel and mesh bucket being coated with high-temperature paint. Also coated are the four legs which also evenly spaced to provide maximum stability, preventing the basket from rocking while in use.  This fire pit is extremely low maintenance. Once the ashes are cold, empty and start over!



Overall Dimension: 30″ L x 30″ W x 23″ H
Overall Product Weight: 38Lbs
Product Shape: Round
Exterior Material: Metal
Finish: Black High-Temperature Paint
Heat Resistant Coating: Yes

Package Included

How To Purchase

The KingSo 30″ Fire Pit / BBQ Grill can be purchased on Amazon for around $140.00 here: KingSo 30″ 2-in-1 Fire Pit

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