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As keyless car entry has become standard, keyless home entry is sure to follow.

Already, remote control deadbolts are the first step for new and current homeowners alike to add an easy and useful upgrade to their houses that will make residences more attractive to sellers and fellow homeowners in the future. One touch locking and unlocking can also help alleviate the fumble for keys at the door, and SimpliciKey, an electronic deadbolt, allows you to use a keyfob remote or keypad to lock/ unlock your home with the touch of a button.

From searching for keys during inclement weather to needing to give access to a service professional when you can’t take time off work, convenient and easy access to your home (that is also safe) can be difficult.

SimpliciKey offers three easy methods for entering your home – keyfob, keypad and key.

The encrypted key fob, which has a range of up to 50 feet, allows you to easily unlock your home with the touch of a button right from the driveway. If you don’t want to carry around another object in your pocket, wireless keypads like SimpliciKey can accommodate up to 16 user codes that can be changed at any time.

For everyone from general contractors working on a remodel to teens who lose keys, a wireless keypad can help keep a home easily accessible without sacrificing security. The wireless keypad can also be covered by the sliding strike plate cover, which both protects the keypad and maintains a uniform and pleasing look to the outside of the home. The deadbolt also features a secure, bump-resistant 6-pin keyway, which gives you the option to use a traditional key.

One thing to note before purchasing an electronic deadbolt is how difficult it may be to install. Some require extra holes to be drilled and requiring complicated wiring. SimpliciKey can be installed in under 30 minutes, replacing your existing standard deadbolt with no extra drilling, and runs on AA batteries with no hardwiring necessary. The lock will alert the user when it is at 20% battery life, giving plenty of notice to replace the batteries – and the traditional key serves as a backup that allows you to always have access to your home.

When investing in an keyless entry electronic deadbolt, be sure to select something that will last in any kind of weather. ANSI Grade II certified,

As technology continues to integrate more with daily life, SimpliciKey will launch a mobile web application that will allow users to unlock and lock their homes from anywhere at any time. For those that want to track which members of the household come and go and what times, tracking and logging features will also be available, helping to provide further peace of mind.

SimpliciKey keyless entry is currently available at Costco stores nationwide and on




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