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Kershaw Taskmaster Saw

TaskMaster Saw

Kershaw Knife Company was founded in 1974. Today they are a subsidiary of Kai Corporation and have been in business for more than 90 years.  Kai Corporation is Japan’s premier blade producer.  Kershaw Knifes are known for technology with an edge.  Check out the review below on the Taskmaster saw.

First Look:

The Kershaw Taskmaster saw is compact and light weight and it’s aggressive teeth are impressive.   I was eager to see how it would rip through the pruning I was tasked with  The Taskmaster opens very easy and its black matte powder coat gives it a sharp look.  It has a pivoting hinge to keep it locked open with minimal movement and it locks closed for safety.



I was able to get a chance to use the Taskmaster Saw on some needed pruning.  With the aggressive teeth I was able to cleanly saw through tree limbs that were 3 inches round.   The Kershaw tooth design makes sawing twice as fast with the teeth sawing in both directions.  The sawing was smooth and the 7” blade length gave a nice stroke length.

The rubber handle was comfortable and the size/thickness fit well in my hand, while sawing. With the Taskmaster handle being over 9” I was able to saw with two hands to reduce fatigue when needed.   Another benefit of the Taskmaster saw is the compact and portability with no cords or checking to see a battery charge level.  This saw cut through branches and wet limbs like I was slicing butter.


The only improvement I would like to see is if Kershaw offered a holder to store the saw in.  A holder with a belt loop on it would be handy for landscapers or gardeners were it could be carried all day.  The folding, compact style and light weight are added benefits for a holder option.   Instead of carrying it in your back pocket were it could possibly fall out on a job-site, a form fitting holder attached to your hip with the choice of placement on left or right side would be convenient.

Overall Impression:

My overall impression of the Kershaw Taskmaster Saw is awesome.  I found it to be smooth cutting and it’s light weight, compact design was perfect.  The tool all around seems to have its place in the camping, homeowners, gardeners and landscapers world.

Kershaw makes knifes for Fire/EMS and also filleting and hunting/fishing just to name a few of the categories.

 How Much and Where To Buy

This saw can be purchased from for $ 28.30.  Just click the link to view it   Kershaw-2555-Taskmaster-Saw

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