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Kerry-All Pouch

Protect Your Tablesaw From Rain With A Kerry-All Pouch

Are you like me?  I spend a ton of time setting my tools up only to have a rain cloud float in and dump some rain on my tools.

When this happens I usually find myself scrambling for a tarp or sheet of plastic.    Recently I cam across a new product called the “Kerry-All Pouch.”  The folks at Kerry-A

ll make weather pouches that protect your materials  like furniture grade plywood, trim or moldings.  They also make a table saw cover that is waterproof.

They send me one of their “saw pouches” to try out.

At first glance one might ask, what are the pouches made of ?

The Kerry-All table saw pouch is made from 11 mil. woven polyethylene, 10 x 8 weave.  They are silver on the outside and black on the inside  The silver outside is treated with an ultraviolet inhibitor to prevent premature aging in sunlight.

The table saw cover Kerry-all sent me fit my saw wall and would no doubt protect it from rain.  I was going to spray my saw with the garden hose to show you but decided against that.  I found this pouch super durable and easy to apply to my saw.  The saw pouch has loops at the bottom that made it convenient to lashing the pouch onto the saw/  I used a bungee cord and it worked exceptionally well.

The saw pouch will definitely keep your saw dry in the back of your pickup, or outside at the job-site.

Who might like a Kerry-All Table Saw Pouch?

Many folks like me work out of open pick up trucks.  How many times have you placed your saw in the rear bed and thought about covering it up?   Or maybe you want to leave your saw on a porch overnight or maybe you’re just taking off to the lumberyard for a few minutes.    A decent table saw these days cost $500.  the saw pouch will keep your  investment protected a

nd in good shape.

The saw pouch is cheap insurance!

Saw Pouch Sizes:

There are two sizes available as “Standard” models available: a 28″ long model for smaller saws, and a 38″ long model for bigger saws.  Kerry-All also makes  custom sizes  for your particular saw, if one of the standard sizes won’t work.

For more information, see our contact page and click here for prices.

Kerry-All offers the following pouch sizes:

Plywood pouch (4′ x 8′)

Trim pouch (3′ x 17′)

Drywall cover (for 34-sheet lifts of 8′ sheets)

Drywall cover (for 34-sheet lifts of 12′ sheets)

Mattress covers (all sizes)

Small pouches for real estate signs

Custom sizes

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