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Job Site Vise

Securing Materials, Two Quick Job Site Vises

Here is an inexpensive, versatile job site vise or bench vise for securing workpieces on the job site for operations like cutting a mortise, planing or fussing with finish work.

Wedge Jig:

To build this useful job-site vise, simply screw a rectangular scrap of wood to your bench surface.  Then cut another piece of scrap into two mating wedges.  Screw one of the wedges to the bench surface leaving enough room between it and the square scrap piece to hold your workpiece. Then drive the second wedge into place to secure the workpiece. The vise can also be fastened to a sub-floor when working on doors.


Wood Hand Screw Vise:

Use the hand screw to hold the work and another hand screw or clamp to secure the first hand screw to the work bench.


Drill Press Clamp:

I like this method to hold secure small pieces or metal on the drill press table. This method is as much about convenience as it is safety. Having a work piece or piece f metal spinning around can be dangerous and can be avoided by properly clamping.  Read more here

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