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Job Site Power Station

Making A Power Station Out Of Re-cycled Materials

The photo below is an electrical power strip box . It was taken out of a trash pile after it was removed from an office cubicle work station during a recent remodel.

I couldn’t help but think that these perfectly good units could be reused in my shop.  My shop was wired as a shop when built so it does not need updating of electrical outlets.

Job Site Power Station

Then the thought occurred to me to re-cycle this unit into a portable job site power station

On a job site, especially an indoor one, there are often many tools needed which means many power cords, outlet strips and extension cords making the floor a spaghetti like trip hazard.

Not having enough outlets mean having to un-plug one tool and plug in another all day long ~ which is a major pain.

The power box is hinges and held closed with one screw. The inside shows all of the outlets wired together similar to a power strip.

I used scrap 3/4″ plywood to make a frame and stand for the box.

The plywood frame will allow the powered station to sit vertically and protect it.

The small back panel was designed so a hand could grip and lift the power station easily.

I had a three way 12 gauge extension cord that was in great shape but had a dead middle plug.

I cut off the three way and used this as my 50′ power station extension cord. The cut end of the extension cord fed through the back of the power station.

All connections were made with wire nuts and electrical tape.

A larger bottom was applied to the box to keep it vertical and not easily tipped over.

Ready for the job site.

~ concord carpenter

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