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Work Smarter NOT Harder Use a Job Site Cart

I’ve found myself working alot lately on projects located in multiple floor buildings.  Access is definitely an issue and consideration when estimating the job site  “tool set up,” stocking with materials and “clean up” time.  Part of my plan is to use a job site cart.

My approach to this is to use wheeled carts  as a job site cart and to try to anticipate every tool you will need. This minimizes my effort without making multiple trips out to the truck. [photo above]

On this recent job I used a small four wheel flat cart with a 300 pound capacity for my job site cart. [photo below]

On the Winchester project, this winter, I used a large two wheeled garden cart with sides. This cart was larger and also carried more weight. [photo below]

Either cart offers a methodical organized approach to bringing multiple tools to the site and minimizes trips back and forth.

Work smarter NOT harder!
~ concord carpenter
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