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JLC LIVE Trade Show Highlights

JLC LIVE Trade ShowJLC Live Residential Construction Show

I found out about JLC (Journal of Light Construction) Live Residential Construction Show ten years ago and haven’t missed a show since then.  I also actively promote this show to other pro contractors.

The reason for attending JLC LIVE is to learn the latest products, tips, techniques in the residential building industry.  Another reason for attending the show is to see the manufacturers promoting the newest coolest tools and equipment.  Finally the networking between pros, exhibitors, and experts is just simply amazing and very affective.  I have even reached out to some of the connections I have made at the show to assist me on my job sites throughout the years.

I am very fortune to live within driving distance to the show and have the opportunity to attend both days of the exhibit hall.  The exhibit hall is where all the top exhibitors set up their booths and were the building clinics are located.  I usually walk the floor on Friday going from manufactures booths to their showcases and demonstration.

On Saturday, I will attend the building clinics of my choice.  JLC offers building clinics from frame to finish, drywall, tiling, decking, window and door installation, roofing, siding, moisture management and weatherization.  The clinics are presented by top industry experts that are still actively working in the field.  There are also exhibitor demonstrations from companies like Anderson Windows & Doors, Grace and Therma-Tru Doors just to name a few. The exhibitors go over best practices for their products.

These clinics are called The JLC LIVE Educational Conference Sessions ad can be used as continuing education credits for your contractor’s license.  JLC offers conference packages to attend these classes.  The classes will start on a Wednesday morning and run to Saturday.  JLC Live has always been middle to late March every year I have been attending.

Innovative Products

My choice for the most intriguing product this year is Simpliframe.

I had the pleasure stopping by their booth  to get some great ideas on how to incorporate this new product on future job sites. I would describe it as orange Lego’s for contractors.  This product has 4 different size pieces that will connect together to build you that perfect square or soffit around a Lally column, HVAC or plumbing. They come in different applicant sets or can be order as pieces to help customize your projects needs.

An example of pricing is $15.00 for 1 bag which would give you all the pieces to square off and be able to close in a 8 foot Lally column. These plastic pieces are design to just screw right into them to hang your drywall sheets.   For further information their website is

Job Site Dust Solution

The next product is a tool that every contractor should have or consider getting.  This product is BuildClean.  This HEPA dust collection system eliminates 90% of airborne dust.  You can exchange the air quality in a 6,000 cubic foot room 6 times in one hour.  BuildClean was designed for remodelers.  The ease of use is unbelievable. All you have to do is set it in your work area, plug it in and set it to auto.  For me this was the first time I have seen this company at JLC LIVE here in Providence.

BuildClean is a game changer for contractors


I was able to spend some time going over the product and seeing how I can increase job site cleanliness plus incorporate health & safety.  What I was able to take away, by talking to Brian Piach from BuildClean, was the passion and excitement he showed me about his product, for my clients and a cleaner job site.

For further information their website is


The New Bosch REAXX Table Saw


Powertool Innovation

Onto tools, my top reason to attend JLC LIVE.  Being able to walk the exhibit hall floor and put your hands on tool before you make that purchase decision is my preferred way to purchase tools.  Having the top tool manufactures like Bosch, Festool and Milwaukee,  just to name a few, doesn’t hurt either.

This year’s cool tool would have to go to Bosch with their new REAXX Portable Job-site Table Saw with Flesh-Detecting Active Response Technology.  I was able to get a complete run down on the product by Bosch staff personnel.  Then they demonstrated the saw using a bratwurst.  The saw stopped in seconds, blade dropped down and bratwurst was OK to continue on with its day.

Bosch Power Tools GTS1041A REAXX Portable Job-site Table Activation Video

I would recommend go to and check out the live videos.  The saw has LED indicators to show what function the saw is in and a bypass mod for when you are cutting wet lumber.


In closing, if you are passionate about what you do and want to stay on top of your game, attend the JLC LIVE Residential Construction Show.    JLC offers three shows a year; Providence, RI, Navy Pier, Chicago and Portland, Oregon.

JLC also offers a magazine subscribe with tool reviews and building articles in paper or digital editions.  Go to to check out all they have to offer.

I hope you will enjoy the show as much as I do by learning the best practices, networking and yes the newest coolest tools.



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