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IUREK Heated Jacket ZD961

IUREK Men’s Heated Jacket ZD961 Review

Over the last few months, I’ve been testing the IUREK mens heated jacket, and my daughter the women’s heated jacket. A heated jacket can provide comfort in bitterly cold environments. I’ve found the BEST usage of a heated jacket is to use it to initially warm up when in the cold and to use it when sitting or stationary outdoors.

IUREK Heated Jacket Specifications

Thoughts on wearing the IUREK Heated Jacket

IUREK  Heated Jacket Price

the IUREK heated jacket sells for $160 online here: IUREK-Heated-Jacket

Overall Impression

The IUREK heated jacket is comfortable, fashionable, and heats fast and well. The one drawback is that no battery heated jacket has is heated sleeves. Regardless we like the IUREK jacket and recommend you giving it a look.

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