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It Doesn’t Take a Snow Melting Dragon…

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It’s getting colder and it’s about time you made your home snow and ice-proof. And, though pretty awesome, the Snow Melting Dragon is probably not strong enough to handle the extreme conditions that are projected to come our way during this winter season.

A few weeks back, the East Coast received an unusually severe snowstorm. The snow shoveling, plowing, and constant salting that it took to keep the snow off the ground and the sidewalks from ice was more than inconvenient and not to mention, shocking for the time of year.

And, it is no surprise that meteorologists are now reporting that record-breaking cold temperatures and extreme weather conditions are expected for the winter months in the Eastern, Western, and Midwestern regions of the US. Forecasters are expecting a winter with below average temperatures with above average snowfall. Weather forecasting website, Exacta Weather, is reporting that we will not only experience these cold and snowy conditions, but we will experience them for even longer periods than normal.

You, like I, may be accustomed to cold weather where you live, but reminiscing about last year’s drastic snowstorms doesn’t excite me in the least! Perhaps you remember last year’s extreme weather in the Northeast and Midwest. Places like New York City and Chicago were buried under feet of snow, not to mention the ice that formed after “Snowmageddon” hit. While that horrific weather is a thing of the past, this latest forecast from Exacta has us dreading greater extremes to come!

So, I think and hope that you’d agree with me – finding a solution to keep snow and ice away from your driveway and walkway is absolutely essential. Why not retire that Snow Dragon and try out a Snow Melting System from my friends over at WarmlyYours? Sound like a shameless plug? Well, really, it’s not, it’s just a product that I’ve personally come to know and love.

Their Snow Melting Systems are top-of-the-line and designed to be energy efficient, and fast at melting away the snow and keep ice from forming. The system can be installed under concrete, asphalt, and in mortar underneath brick pavers. The installation is straightforward, and the results are worth the investment!

Take a look at the snow-melting test that I performed during the Eastern snowfall last month:

And, while you’re at it, consider a roof and gutter deicing system (I’ll be featuring an installation of this in a few weeks) or even portable snow melting systems great for walkways and stairs. Don’t get caught unprepared for Snowmageddon 2.0!

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