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Irwin SL300 Quick Grip Clamps Review

IRWIN SL300 One Handed Bar Clamps With Spreader Feature:


I recently had the opportunity to test out and review IRWIN’s improved one-handed SL300 Quick Grip clamp.    

As a carpenter and someone who enjoys working with tools these one-handed or “pistol grip” clamps are perfect for getting things done safely, efficiently and with one hand.

If you work alone like I do then you know how important that can be.  Freeing up just one hand to hold something in place while the other hand is applying a clamp is a huge time saver!

What I liked About The SL300:

Obviously the one-handed operation easily make the IRWIN SL300 a “go-to” clamp on the job site.

The IRWIN SL300 also provides 300 pounds of clamping force, non-marring jaw pads this translates into real job iste clamping power and peace of mind that you wont be marring your woodwork!

One of the clamps jaw pads swivels and also can be lock into a non-swivel position.   This locking swivel jaw pad conforms nicely to angled surfaces, such as moldings, and the jaw pad head can easily be removed and reversed to transforms the clamp into a spreader.    The spreader is useful in dis-assemble operations like stool, carcase and furniture repair.

The I beam and light weight plastic components of the SL300 provide the perfect team for a lightweight but strong clamp.  I notice little to no deflection in this clamp when I “cranked” on it.

What I Did Not Like About The SL300:

I’d like to see two improvements  to the SL300:

Currently this clamp has a 3-1/4″ deep throat and I’d really like to see 4 to 5 inch deep throat – this would allow way more versatility for the clamp.

Secondly, the swivel jaw should have swivel a bit more play in it to be really effective.

Watch My Short 3 Minute Video Review:


IRWIN SL300 Clamp Features:

Patented Locking Swivel Jaw with locking switch


Where to Buy and How Much:

The IRWIN SL300 is available at quality woodworking stores and online here:

6  –  inch SL300 $ 24.99  6-Irwin-Quick-Grip-SL300-Clamp

12 – inch SL300 $ 20.00 12-Irwin-Quick-Grip-SL300-Clamp

18 – inch SL300 $ 27.00 18-Irwin-Quick-Grip-SL300-Clamp

24 – inch SL300 $ 28.00 24-Irwin-Quick-Grip-SL300-Clamp


This review contains my opinion of a product. I take pride in providing my readers with honest and objective information as well as a practical approach to using a product. I never accept payment in exchange for a positive review. Many of the tools and products are provided to for free by a manufacturer for review.


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