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IRWIN Marples Woodworking Series Saw blades

IRWIN focuses on the Professional Woodworker and Finish Carpenter

IRWIN a company with a history of quality tools but most often known for their iconic vice-grip tool and more recently their Quick-Grip clamp is now taking steps to become a major contender in the high end saw blade arena with the release of their IRWIN Marples Woodworking Series Saw blades.

“Were looking at one user at a time, one tool at a time as well as to extend user capabilities by developing and manufacturing tools that exceed expectations.”  stated Curt Rahilly, Vice President of IRWIN Marketing.

IRWIN’S goal is too provide professional woodworkers and finish carpenters with a high quality, precisely made saw blade that will cut well, stay sharp longer and provide the user with more sharpenings.

New IRWIN Marples Saw Blades and Chisels with a better cutting edges

IRWIN Marples Sub-Brand tools is releasing a new saw blade as well as a chisel line for finish carpenters, contractors and woodworkers.

IRWIN Marples Bevel Edge Chisel line has a well established reputation in my circles for making quality edges chisels.   Both the blades and chisels will be made in Italy at IRWIN’s new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

The IRWIN Marples woodworking series saw blades is touted to be made to the highest design standards for precision and accuracy.  

The saw blade manufacturing process involves:

My Observations:

I’ve used the 1-1/4″ Marathon circular saw blade for years in my remodeling business as a “go to” use, abuse and toss blade.

I was skeptical  that the IRWIN blade might be a competitor with some of my nicer blades that I use in my bigger saws.  Skeptical until I saw an 80 tooth IRWIN blade cut melamine sheet stock on a table saw with an unbelievable super clean cut and no tear out.   Now that’s impressive!

“These blades are designed for users that demand a high level of quality and precision,” stated Marta  Aebischer, Director of Product Marketing.

Learn More About This Blade:  watch this one minute video


The IRWIN Marples saw blades are designed for a wide range of applications and materials, the new

IRWIN Marples Woodworking Series saw blades  are available in the following sizes:

IRWIN Marples Woodworking Series Saw Blades 10” diameter blade:

Available  in 24-, 40-, 50-, 60-, 80- and 84-tooth count,

IRWIN Marples Woodworking Series Saw Blades 12” diameter blade:

Available in 40-, 60-, 80-, 96- and 100-tooth count

IRWIN Marples Woodworking Series Saw Blades 8” Stacked Dado set:

Engineered for extended life, flawless finish and ultimate precision cutting.

How Much?

IRWIN Marples Woodworking Series saw blades range in price from $28.00 to $100.00.

Where are IRWIN Blades are made:

IRWIN has partnered with Giorgio Pozzo, CEO and owner of FLAI saw blade manufacturing in Udine, Italy.

Giorgio Pozzo, one of the foremost experts in saw blade manufacturing, will oversee the production of the IRWIN Marples Woodworking Series saw blades in IRWIN’s new high-tech manufacturing facility located in Udine, Italy.

The facility features some of the world’s most advanced saw blade technologies and Giorgio only uses presidium materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure that the IRWIN blades are held to stricter tolerances than competitor blades.





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