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IRWIN Magnetic Level Review

IRWIN  Magnetic Level Review:  Box Beam 2550 Series

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Irwin Magnetic Level 2550 series on the job-site.  I used the 32″ and 72″ jamb kit levels to install a sliding glass door and a few pre-hung door units.

The Irwin Magnetic Levels are the perfect team for hanging doors.  The 72″ fits in just about every door I come across in my profession, and the 32″ level the same.

First Impression:

IRWIN designed these levels with a super durable aluminum frame that almost dares you to drop it or toss it across the floor,just to see what happens!     I’m just kidding but these levels feel like quality and its obvious they were designed for professional job-site wear and tear.

The Irwin Magnetic Level bubble vials are bright and easy to read.  One feature that is unique is their  plumb vial.  IRWIN calls it their Plumb Site®, it  allows you to view the plumb vial, undistorted through the narrow edge of the level, using a mirror. This is something I’ve never seen before and is also a very cool feature!

Another feature I’ve never seen before is the rubber protective end caps are removable which allow for leveling accurately into corners.  If you use a level in corners at all you know exactly what I mean when I say . . .  FINALLY!!!!

Using the IRWIN Magnetic Levels:

The first thing I notice when using the Irwin Magnetic Level was the continuous edge across the center vial.   Not having a continuous edge for drawing level lines has always bugged me and has been a feature on levels that I have grown to appreciate and look for when purchasing.

The levels have rare earth magnets embedded into one edge.  These magnets are advertised to be 5X stronger than strip magnets and allow for easy, hands-free operation on steel beam, steel studs, pipes and lally columns.  Nice!!

See video if me demonstrating the magnetic capabilities of the IRWIN Magnetic Level

I tested the level and plumb vials against four competitor levels, Stanley, Dewalt, Johnson and my favorite Stabilla levels.  The IRWIN levels were dead on!

Overall Impression:

IRWIN guarantees their level vials for accuracy for the life of the level, that pretty much says it all.  For many years now IRWIN has shown impressive strides in bringing new innovations to market.  Clearly they’re listening to end users by making their tools jobsite worthy.

I really enjoyed using the IRWIN levels and liked them so much that I gave away my Stabila jammer set to a friend and replaced them with this IRWIN jammer set.

I’d like to see IRWIN come out with a protective level bag that allows the contractor to store all of their levels from a torpedo level to a 72″ level.  Until then my new IRWIN levels will have to live in a Stabila bag.

Irwin Magnetic Level Sizes Available Can Be Purchased Online Here:







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