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At a recent trade show I stumbled upon a really cool  Mylar Interior Storm Panel product made by a company makes custom window and door replacement screens and grilles of all shapes, sizes and colors.  They sell directly to end consumers, as well as to contractors.

What impressed me was that ScreenItAgain uses high quality materials that meet or exceed industry standards. The Interior Storm Panel is made with a high tech Mylar sheeting.

As a contractor I can attest to the hours of research and frustration I have spent trying to locate quality suppliers of custom size replacement grilles and screens.  With an extensive range of colors, frames, profiles and sizes for wood, vinyl and aluminum windows and doors, you should have no problem matching the perfect style to maintain the aesthetic integrity of your home screens.

Video Review:

Some of the options that ScreenItAgain offers:

Extruded and roll formed aluminum components:


Mylar Energy saving Interior Storm Panel:

If your windows aren’t energy efficient, chances are you’re paying for it through heat loss and possibly drafty rooms.  Installing an interior storm panel can be an easy, cost effective way to save money and energy during the heating season.

Uses for the interior storm panel:

As a contractor I immediately recognized the value of having the mylar Interior Storm Panel as an insulating option.  Installing these panels inside of historic homes was one thought.    Historic homes often have restrictive exterior code policies or require using the old fashioned “leaky” storm windows.  The addition of an interior energy saving panel would not take away from the exterior historic aesthetics.

Additionally these interior storm panels would be a much better alternative to the heat shrink plastic that many people install on the insides of leaky double hung windows.

While thinking about all of these options I began to think about my three-season screen porch.   I currently have aluminium frame screens in place with stain less steel clips holding them in place [see video for more detail]

If I were to replace the screens with Mylar interior storm panels every fall I could potentially allow myself additional time in the fall and the early spring to enjoy the porch.

Plus there were extra benefits:

1.  No need to winterize:

Every year I spend several hours removing the wicker furniture, cushions and rug from the porch and store them in the basement while all of the larger items get pushed to the center and covered with a waterproof  tarp.

2.  No need to clean up in the Spring:

Every spring I need to wash the floor of pollen and set everything back up.  Additionally I have to continually clean the porch of pollen during early Spring.

By adding these panels in the fall and keeping them up during until after the heavy pollen season I would eliminate the moving, set up and continuous pollen clean up as well as extend my time on the porch.

Screen Porch Panels:

I was so intrigued with the Mylar energy storm panel and interested to see how they would look on the porch I contacted the company and asked them to send me to send some samples to review and evaluate.

Ordering Interior Storm Panels:

The website was super easy to use and navigate.  It walks you through how to measure and installation screen and interior storm panels.   Additionally a customer service number is available if necessary.

The Mylar panels came within a week and because I copied the exact measurements of my screens “popped” right into place.   They looked and worked great.   The frames were similar to my screen frames and were made of a durable construction.   The panels themselves were light weight.  Installation for me was simple, I just reused the screen panel clips I already had.

There are many different clips and methods to install an interior storm panel including drilling a hole through the frame and installing screws.

I cant wait till October to install them permanently!  Highly recommended.

New Products: also has a few other cool and innovative products such as the Monarch Retractable Screen™ features Fold Away Technology that allows the durable, designer-style pleated mesh to be stored out of sight until needed. As well as Solar Screens.  Solar screens stop the sun before it gets to your windows and is seven times as good at keeping you cool as internal blinds or curtains!  No more faded carpets or furniture.

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