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Installing Cortex Fasteners In PVC Trim

Concealing Your Fasteners Translates Into a Quality Job!

I just finished installing a bunch or PVC  trim around a garage door opening.   One thing I wanted to do was install the PVC securely and hide the fasteners.

Installing Cortex Fasteners In PVC Trim

I’ve used the The Cortex Concealed Fastening System many times before and have found that is is one of the fastest and easiest way to conceal the fastener heads when installing PVC trim boards.

It totally eliminates wood filler and sanding.  The cortex system comes with screws, plugs, and setting tools. Available in a 50, 250 and 750 lineal ft box.

Installing Concealed Fasteners:

You can use a drill, cordless drill or an impact driver for this installation.   The drill bit and driver are the same tool so the pre-drill step is eliminated.

For horizontal trim boards less than 12″ wide, use two Cortex fasteners at every framing member – rafter tail or wall stud. The screws should be 16″ on center or closer. If you are attaching a vertical trim board (i.e., next to a door or a window) use two Cortex fasteners every 16″ on center or closer.

If trim board is 12″ or wider, use three screws. Each trim board must be fastened within two inches of the end of each board.

Setting the Cortex Fastener

I used my DEWALT 20 v cordless impact driver and the Cortex setting tool. When driving the the Cortex fastener it will stop at a preset level below the PVC Trim surface.

Take care to drive the fasteners straight  /  perpendicular to the trim surface.

Once the fastener is installed simply place a tapered PVC plug into the hole and tap it flush.  I sometimes use the striking surface of my nail set to set stubborn plugs.


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