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Installing An Emergency Generator

Considerations When Installing An Emergency Generator

Part 2 of 2  [Read part 1 Emergency Home Generator]

DEWALT 14000 Watt  Generator DXGN14000:

Continued from part 1.  The generator we used in this article came from DEWALT, they sent us a sample to review. I chose to focus on the DEWALT 14000 Watt Commercial Generator for several reasons.  These reasons should be on top of your mind when selecting and installing an emergency generator:

Look For Quality Features When Installing An Emergency Generator:

A generator is a tool that you need to start in extreme circumstances and can not risk it not starting.   The DEWALT generator is powered by a Honda GX630 OHV engine.  As far as reliability and reputation go, Honda is a fantastic engine and is touted to have superior construction and materials.

In my purchases and dealings in business the best predictor of future behavior is to look at past performance and Honda has that down perfect! Look for a generator that is both fuel efficient and can meet your power needs. DEWALT generators offer several sizes of emergency home generators that meet this need.

Power Options:

The DEWALT DXGN14000 generator I reviewed has numerous power options that allow you to completely run a job site or power your home.

At 14000 watts this generator should be able to run all of the components of my home but not all of them at the same time. For example, water heaters, microwaves and dryers create a huge load for a generator. Consider what you will be using during the power outage and keep that in mind when choosing the power output of your generator.

Electrical breakers do not use power unless something in the room that they feed is operating.

Check your electrical breakers to see which circuits can run with the generator and to see what can be run at the same time with the larger loads. Often times you will need to be aware of and manage your “larger load” usage when on emergency generator power.

If you have gas, oil, or propane heat you can run your furnace or boiler and keep warm. However if you have electric heat or central air most generators under 10000 watts will not have the capacity to run it.


The DEWALT DXGN14000 generator has pneumatic tires and a fold down, locking handle set

that allows the generator to be easily wheeled around. This particular generator weighs 344 lbs so lifting it requires at least two people. If your looking for an easily transported generator you will need to reduce the watt size and weight a bit.

DEWALT DXGN14000 Generator Power Capacity:

One thing I liked about the DEWALT DXGN14000 was the variety of power options offered. On the job-site this generator could power every power tool I could throw at it including several circular saws and air compressor and belt sander.

At home this generator is powerful enough to feed an entire house including an electric oven. It has a 10 gallon gas tank, low oil alert level system / sensor, fuel shut off and electric start. The control panel has a built in idle control switch and three circuit breakers,

The Oil Alert System is designed to prevent engine damage caused by an inefficient amount of oil in the engine crankcase. Before the oil level falls to a critical level the Oil Alert Indicator light illuminates red and automatically shuts off the engine.

The DEWALT DXGN14000 is also equipped with a fuel-cut solenoid which allows fuel to flow to the carburetor only when the engine is on and stops the fuel when the engine is in the OFF position.

DEWALT DXGN14000 Features:


Noise level is a major factor when determining the right model generator. Many cities and towns have noise ordinances that may impact generator usage, particularly at night. Most generators are labeled with a decibel rating. The DEWALT DXGN14000 has a Honda motor and emits 83 dBA rating from 7 yards away. Honda motors are renowned for quiet operation.

DEWALT DXGN14000 Specifications:

DEWALT DXGN14000 Includes:

Overall Impression:

The DEWALT DXGN14000 generator more than exceeded our expectations for a job-site and emergency generator.   The generator starts effortlessly and runs smoothly and reliable.    We used it on the job-site with power tools as well as connected it to a house for our “installing an emergency generator” article. As big as this generator is it was easy to manuver and operate.   Everything about this generator wreaks of quality from the  Honda GX630 OHV engine, to the mechanisms, frame and components.   There was serious thought put into this machine.

If you a homeowner and considering installing an emergency generator, the DEWALT DXGN14000 is large enough to  power most homes  but still portable enough to be able to transport it somewhere else or wheel it to a neighbors if needed. As a contractor this is a dual purpose generator.  You can use it on job-sites and remote locations as well as on your house when the power fails. Recommended!!

How Much And Where To Buy?

The DEWALT 14000 Watt  Generator DXGN14000 sells online here for $ 3398.99:

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