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Increasing Bathroom Storage

Bathroom Storage

The topic of increasing bathroom storage always comes up with clients on my bathroom renovations.  especially  with today’s popular furniture like vanities and huge two person showers… there’s just no room for efficient storage.

Or is there?

Tips on Increasing Bathroom Storage

1.  Shelving:

If you have floor space one of the simplest  solutions to increase bathroom storage is to purchase or build a two tiered shelving  within existing drawers or shelves.   Many times vanity cabinets have upper space that is unused and a well placed shelf can maximize that space.  A “U” shaped shelf can also be constructed around the sink drain pipes

There are also storage racks that can be screwed to the back of a vanity cabinet door to store smaller items.  I’ve seen instances where folks have build really cool looking shelves above doors and just below the ceiling for towel storage.

2.  Medicine chests:

Adding Medicine Cabinets will also help increase bathroom storage. The Bath Storage Cabinet can be used over the toilet or on a side wall. This cabinet is the perfect space to store toilet paper, small towels, and other useful items.

Consider installing an 8 inch deep cabinet high above the toilet.  This could greatly increase storage for toiletries, medicine, personal items as well as smaller towels.  Basically installing built in or cabinets anywhere you have open wall space will increase your storage.  

3.  Hooks:

One of the unused spaces in your bathroom is the back of the door.  This is a space which can be utilized with pegs, towel racks, hanging shoe holders, holders for washcloths; towels etc. all could be mounted to the rear of the door to increase storage.

4.  Shower Niche:

Installing a shower instantly provides you with additional shelf storage in the shower area for hair products, soaps, razors and shaving cream.

5.  Add a closet:

Sometimes adjacent rooms have dead space or closet space that you can steal from and create a closet inside your bathroom.  Adding a linen cabinet with a built-in hamper is a perfect way to meet your goal of increasing bathroom storage. 

Many times its a matter or framing the walls and adding a door with no major structural issues to deal with.    sometimes the best time to do this is when you are gutting an existing bathroom and remodeling.  That way any wall repairs can be addressed when you board and plaster the bathroom.

6.  Install Electric Radiant Heat:

Many times there is a radiator or heating vent in a wall that would be a perfect candidate for a vanity cabinet or a full height wall cabinet with drawers and cabinet doors.   The problem is that bathrooms are notorious for having limited wall space for radiators or heat to Begin with. 

Consider installing a high output electric radiant heat system under the tile floor.  Units like these operate off a thermostat in the bathroom and can be set on timers to increase heat during high use times.

I use a product called Warmly Yours which is one of the hottest radiant heat products on the market.  They offer an optimal wattage of 15 watts per square foot.

The bottom line is:  the hotter the better!

With 15 watts per square foot, you will be able to utilize full heating technology for a faster heat-up and a warmer floor, especially valuable in a bathroom installation where time is spent morning and night for our daily routines.



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