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Increase Your Heating System’s Efficiency

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Insulating Pipes and Taping Heat Ducts

Most hot water heat pipes in homes are uninsulated, which results in lost heat and causes the boiler to work harder, thereby increasing energy costs.  Insulating pipes and taping heat ducts can go a long way toward increase your heating system’s efficiency.

Insulating Pipes

When insulating attics, floors over unheated basements, or crawl spaces, be sure to insulate the pipes and heating ducts located in these areas, too. Many folks do not do this and opt instead to insulate the cavity.  Insulating water pipes can also help prevent and protected the pipes from freezing in addition to preventing heat loss.

Pipe insulation is fairly cheap to purchase.  There are better quality brands and types to use and typically the better brands are rubber based and can be purchased from plumbing supply stores.  the better pipe insulation has a peel off tape to seal the pipe insulation completely around the pipe.   Other cheaper brands simply slip over the pipe and are usually are constructed out of a foam type material.  With he cheaper insulation I recommend taping along the seams once then wrapping tape all the way around the pipe insulation at each end and then in the middle.



Insulating Ducts

Ducts are the rectangular or cylindrical sheet metal passageways that carry heat from the furnace to your rooms. Unless they are insulated, a lot of heat or cool air can escape along the way before they deliver the conditioned air to the room intended for it.

Sealing ducts is fairly easy.  Use aluminum tape designed to seal ducts and tape any cracks or gaps and all joints in the duct work with duct tape before you install insulation.

Sealing seams on ducts can make a significant impact on heating efficiency.  Up to 30 percent of furnace heat is lost through cracks and seams in the duct work.

Secure any loose joints with self taping screws and ensure that the metal or wire strap supports joining the ducts to the structure are in good repair.  Loose hanging, improperly supported ducts is one reason why duct joints open up.

These steps can go a long way toward increase your heating system’s efficiency.   Use the search box to read more on sealing leaky heat ducts.

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