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Improved Van Storage with Bott Smartvan

New Shelf Set Up

Improved Van Storage with Bott Smartvan

A few years ago, I installed and reviewed the Bott Smartvan van racking system in my Sprinter van, followed by a second system in my RAM van. Originating from Germany and newly introduced to the US market, Bott Smartvan offers a modular storage solution designed specifically for various vehicle models. It includes shelves, drawers, and Systainer toolboxes, all customizable and installed without drilling, utilizing existing fixing points. Key features such as its sleek design, crash test certification, and flexibility in component arrangement make it an ideal choice for maximizing tool storage, improving access, and enhancing overall organization.

Original Set Up

Current Configuration

Upon installing the Bott Smartvan system in my RAM van, I also incorporated a BodyGuard Composite partition. While partitions like these assist in climate control and passenger safety during cargo shifts or accidents, I soon realized they significantly reduced cargo space, making it impossible to accommodate an 8-foot sheet of plywood.

Furthermore, larger tools such as vacuums, miter saws, and table saws had to be stored on the floor, hindering movement within the van and complicating material transport. Moreover, essentials like a 4-foot ladder, table saw stand, and saw horses were secured in front of drawers and toolboxes, necessitating their removal for access—a cumbersome process.

New Storage Strategy

Working closely with Bott Smartvan, I opted to replace the existing partition with their latest partition model featuring built-in shelving. Additionally, I installed another shelf system along the sliding door frame to maximize storage efficiency.

Installation of the “SmartStow Van Partition” and Sliding Door Shelving

While the SmartStow Van Partition installation process was manageable solo, having an extra pair of hands would have expedited it. It took approximately 8 hours to remove the old partition and install the new shelving system. Adjustments to the existing racking on both sides of the van were necessary to ensure a proper fit.

To enhance functionality, I constructed a plywood base spanning the bottom rail of the sliding door frame rack, providing a stable platform for the miter saw. Above this, shelves were installed for the table saw and additional storage, bolstered by Perfo Panels bolted to the rear to prevent tools from sliding and facilitate organization.

Note – the Perfo panel install was what I would call a field modification and is not designed my Bott Smartvan, these modifications are not crash tested and any modifications to the product voids the warranty.



Here’s a webpage with all the info on our partitions:

SmartStow Van Partition Features


Project Cost

The total cost of upgrading my Bott Smartvan storage system amounted to approximately $2737, detailed as follows:

Utilizing the Enhanced System

The new shelving system along the side door partition has significantly optimized cargo space, allowing secure mounting of the table saw stand and ladder using Bott Smartvan hooks. This arrangement has streamlined access to drawers and toolboxes, enhancing efficiency.





While the new partition still limits vertical insertion of plywood sheets, the cleared floor space enables angled placement, accommodating multiple sheets. Despite this limitation, the added storage benefits outweigh the inconvenience.


Initially apprehensive about losing side door access, I’ve found the enhanced system remarkably efficient. Accessing and removing tools like the miter saw, table saw, and vacuums from outside the van has proven quicker, easier, and less taxing on my back. The organized and secure storage ensures equipment safety and expedites workflow.

The doorway shelfing installation isn’t something that’s part of Bott Smartvans regular offering, but they have the parts in stock and can help our customers with customizing their van the same way. Its important to note that it only works with a SmartStow Partition because of the way it mounts to the frame.

In conclusion, the revamped Bott Smartvan setup has greatly improved my van’s functionality and organization. I highly recommend considering it for anyone planning a comprehensive van racking design.







In conclusion, the revamped Bott Smartvan setup has greatly improved my van’s functionality and organization. I highly recommend considering it for anyone planning a comprehensive van racking design.


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