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How To Retrieve Metal Items Down Sink Drain

Kohler sink

Retrieving Items Down Sink Drain

Today I was using a screwdriver near the sink and I accidentally dropped the driver bit into the sink and down the disposal.

Luckily the disposal was not on, but I could hear my plumber brother in the back of my head saying, “I told you to always plug the sink before working near or over it.”

Because the driver bit is metal I reached for my telescoping magnet. These magnets are popular in the automotive field and I bought mine at Sears for under $10.00.

The magnet on this tool is incredibly strong and the second I dropped it into the disposal I hear that wonderful “click” sound.

I lifted it out and viola! Problem solved.

Next time I will remember to plug the sink drain.

A week earlier my friend called and told me his wedding ring fell into his drain. Most jewelry is not magnetic so he needed a different option.

I loaned him this flexible “grabber” tool.

I got this at the same time as the magnet. Simply locate the item with a flashlight and depress the thumb lever to open the prongs and release the thumb lever to grasp your object.

Prongs open.

If the item was dropped while the disposal was on it may be necessary to remove the disposal, call a plumber for this.

Two other ways to access items in sink drains is to use a wet vacuum to suck out the item or open the P-trap drain cleanout cap located below the drain. In most cases, the P-trap is easily accessible.

This cleanout drain plug, intended to aid cleaning the P-trap, is sometimes the easier way to get a lost item. Make sure to place a bucket under the drain to release the water inside the trap.

Use the channel-type pliers or a wrench to loosen the P-trap’s nut. Use a rag or tape if the p-trap nut is metal or chrome to avoid marring the finish.

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