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How To Prepare A Wall For Paint

Painting Preparation

“Preparation When Painting Is Everything!!” . . . . . says my friend and fellow craftsman Mark O’Lalor of O’Lalor Painting Company.  This article will focus on how to prepare a wall for paint.

Rush the paint preparation and you’ll end up regretting it!

Remove Dirt

Oils from the human hand, ambient dust in the interior and exterior environment, oil rich cooking vapor, candle wax vapor and of course dust from construction all contribute to create a barrier between the applied paint and the surface in question.

These substances all need to be washed off to ensure proper adhesion.

Proper Painting Preparation Steps

1. Wash all surfaces
2. Repair all dent, scratches and gouges.
3. Wipe down or wash areas again, clean entire area of dust.
4. Prime surfaces
5. Caulk areas
6. Sand between coats if needed, clean off dust again.
7. Apply finish coats with between coat sanding and cleaning as needed.

Taking the time to properly prepare prior to painting will ensure a long lasting and durable end product.

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