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How To Create Three Piece Cornice Molding


Achieve A Beautiful Finish with 3-Piece Cornice Moldings

Many years ago I installed a 3 piece molding with another carpenter at 300 Main Street. It was a lot of fun!!

Lately I have seen more and more folks opting for this look.  It typically demands a high ceiling but the finished result is spectacular.

Cornice Molding

By following this plan you can create the look of a large, expensive cornice moulding without breaking the bank

Dressing up a foyer, dining or living room doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money.  This simple home decorating tip will give you a formal and elaborate finished look without breaking the bank.

How To Create Three Piece Cornice Molding

  1.  Start with an astragal molding on the ceiling about 8″-12″* in from the wall.
  2. Add a crown molding or a cove molding in its usual location.
  3. Now add a panel molding about 6″-8″* under the crown or cove.
  4. Finally, paint the 3 piece moldings and the wall and ceiling between all the same color – typically the trim color of the room.

This process has been used for hundreds of years, starting when most cornices were made from plaster.   Many mill shops have replicated many of these moldings over the years and can help you create a cornice to fit any style for your project.

*The spacing and size of the moldings you should use depends on the size of room and the ceiling height. We can make recommendations based on your dimensions.

Moldings shown are from Forester Mill work in Littleton, Massachusetts.

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