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How to Clean A Patio With Stain Solver

Cleaning A Bluestone Patio

Many people do not know how to clean a patio.  It’s really a matter of using the correct product and following a few simple steps.   I use a product called Stain Solver which works great.

Using Stain Solver

Many homes have blue-stone walkways, steps and patios.  The problem is blue-stone quickly can get dirty from dirt, mold and leaves which fall from nearby trees.  Leaves left on a patio for some time also can leave black stains that are extremely difficult to remove.

Detailed below step by step are the necessary functions needed to EASILY clean your blue-stone patio without caustic chemicals like bleach or muriatic acid.

Improper cleaning techniques can damage your patio; kill nearby vegetation or damage clothing.

I’m going to show you how to use an innovative, super effective, organic cleaner called STAIN SOLVER.

What is Stain Solver?

Stain Solver is environmentally safe oxygen bleach. It cleans and deodorizes virtually anything that is water washable: expensive clothes, linen, carpet, pet stains, outdoor decks, patios, sidewalks, siding, decks and roofs.

NEVER use Stain Solver on coarse woolen articles, wool carpet, fabrics containing silk, leather, and clothing labeled for dry cleaning, or new redwood. If in doubt, ALWAYS test the solution on a small area of what you want to clean.

The active ingredient in Stain Solver is peroxyhydrated carbonate of soda. It also contains sodium carbonate. When mixed with water, it creates pure oxygen, additional water and soda ash. There are no harmful byproducts.

Stain Solver isn’t the perfect cleaner, there’s no such thing. It can’t remove rust stains nor hard-water deposits.  But boy does it work nice on mold and mildew.

Safety Information

1.    Stain Solver is an oxidizer. It will cause burns to eyes, open sores, cuts, or any mucus membrane.

2.    Wear eye protection if there is any chance the solution will splash or drip into your eyes. If splashed into your eyes, rinse eyes immediately with fresh, clean water.

3.    Drink water or milk if Stain Solver is swallowed.

4.    Do NOT induce vomiting.

5.    SEEK medical attention immediately

6.    NEVER store Stain Solver solution in a tightly sealed container as the product produces oxygen gas once mixed with water.

7.    NEVER mix this product with chlorine bleach or ANY other chemical

What You Will Need For This Project:

For this project you will need a stiff scrub brush on a pole [hand brush is also useful]

  1. 5 gallon bucket
  2. Hose
  3. Sweeper nozzle
  4. Gloves and eye protection
  5. Stain Solver
 TIP:   I used both a hand brush and a pole brush for this project.  The hand brush was useful around the steps and in the corners.

 Getting Started:

Watch this super short video [37 seconds] on getting started.

Introduction video – short video on getting started   [37 seconds]

Common Errors:

  1. Not using warm or hot water
  2. Not mixing the Stain Solver and water thoroughly
  3. Not using the Stain Solver and water mixture within the specified time limit
  4. Not allowing the Stain Solver enough time to sit on the surface being cleaned
  5. Not using the best scrub brush
  6. Not scrubbing hard enough
  7. Not rinsing thoroughly
  8. Applying Stain Solver to the blue-stone in direct sunlight


Perform A Spot Test:

  1. Sweep the surface clean.
  2. Read the instructions on the Stain Solver bottle or visit this site:  Stain Solver and  Stain Solver FAQs
  3. Mix a one scoop of Stain Solver with a quart of warm or hot water
  4. Mix thoroughly
  5. Pour the solution on an inconspicuous spot and allow to sit for 12 minutes

Test Spot:  VIDEO  [38 seconds]

  1. Wet surface and apply solution of Stain solver
  2. Allow 12 minutes to work
  3. Scrub the test spot with a stiff brush
  4. Rinse thoroughly
  5. Remove all of the furniture and fixtures from the blue-stone patio.
  6. Sweep the surface clean
  7. Set up a hose so it reaches all areas of the blue-stone patio.

TIP:  All I needed on my test spot was 12 minutes for the solution to work.   This time may vary depending on your level of dirt.  Testing allows you to determine how long to wait.

Preparation For Cleaning The Blue-stone Patio:

  1.  Read the instructions on the Stain Solver bottle or visit this site:  Stain Solver and  Stain Solver FAQs
  2. Add warm or hot water to a 5 gallon bucket
  3. Mix four [4] scoops of Stain Solver per gallon.  [scoop provided with product
  4. Photo:  Stain Solver solution already applied in background.  Mixing new solution to apply to rest of patio.
  5. Mix thoroughly until all of the while granuels are dissolved in the water.    I used my brush to mix up
  6.  the Stain Solver solution.
  7. Apply Stain solver solution to a dry blue-stone patio.
  8. Only mix and apply as much solution as you can use in 30 minutes.
  9. I split this patio in two sections:  While scrubbing one section the other section had solution on it soaking.  Use all of the mixture with in 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes the solution will start to loose potency
  10. Allow solution to sit on surface for 10-12 minutes  [time determined by testing]

TIP:  Hot patio or deck surfaces and direct sunlight can evaporate the Stain Solver solution before it has a chance to work.  Work when the sun is not beating down on the patio.

Mixing and Spreading the Stain Solver solution:  VIDEO  [76 seconds]

 Work In Sections:

  1. After the solution sits on the patio for 12 minutes apply the remaining Stain Solver solution to the rest of the patio.
  2. While the remaining patio is soaking I scrubbed the first section [steps]
  3. TIP:   Use the brush to evenly spread the Stain solver solution on the patio
  4. Scrub the first section thoroughly, covering all of the surface with the brush.
  5. Rinse this section thoroughly.
  6. Scrub second section
  7. TIP:    I chose to split this patio into two sections.  I did this so I would not have to deal with the solution drying up before I could finish.    Smaller patios may be done at one time.
  8. Rinse this second section thoroughly.  I used a sweeper nozzle to rinse the patio.  The sweeper nozzle makes the water come out in a high pressure jet spray.  This spray is more focused and also helps to clean the blue-stone.
  9. Allow patio to dry and inspect
  10. Replace furniture.


Avoiding Common Errors:  VIDEO

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