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How To Choose Flooring

Choosing The correct flooring Can Create  Harmony in Your Interior Design Plan

So, your floor is in need of a makeover; but where or how do you start? Calling on your favorite home-makeover star, won’t work … seriously. But not to worry, because you have the grit, the know-how, and of course that inner designer that’s just waiting to shine.

Where do you begin?

From the Ground up – literally.

As you begin to craft the perfect home interior, you will eventually need the right flooring that complements the rest of your home’s décor and feel.   Carpet, hardwood, porcelain, stone, and concrete are all superb options – but you’ll need to know which one best suits your needs. By matching the flooring material to the house’s overarching decorative theme, you should be able to bring the entire residence into greater harmony.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best flooring materials available.

Step on it – A Soft, Plush Carpet, that is

Thick, lush carpet is the traditional way to go. The material, in fact, is excellent for both soundproofing and insulation. Because there are innumerable colors and textures, you can select something that matches the rest of the household. Though carpet requires maintenance, it can generally be kept in top-notch shape with fairly regular steam treatments.

Hardwood, Porcelain or Stone?

Hardwood floors have exploded in popularity in recent years. Such surfaces are quite elegant, and you can ultimately choose between cherry, hickory, mahogany, bamboo, and a variety of other woods. Wood floors are also much easier to clean than carpeted surfaces. In nearly all cases, hardwood and laminate flooring will increase the value of the home itself. For particularly expansive houses, you will likely want experts to do the installation work.

In the kitchen and bathroom, you will likely want something that is durable and easy to maintain. Porcelain tiles, in fact, will add a hint of luxury to bathing areas. If one of the tiles happens to chip or break, it can be swapped out for a new one almost immediately. Because glazed surfaces can become slippery when wet, you might want to add a couple of throw rugs for safety.

Homeowners who are truly interested in elegance may opt for stone. Granite and marble, for example, are both rather easy to procure. In fact, granite is an igneous rock that comes in a variety of colors. Brown, black, white, and pink are all good options. Most marble surfaces feature beautiful swirls that will surely be the highlight of any room. Though stone floors can be expensive to install, they’ll add a special radiance to the interior of the house that cannot easily be found elsewhere.


Though concrete is often relegated to outdoor patios and swimming pool decks, the material is actually quite versatile. If you are looking to adhere to a tight budget, concrete will work well for basement areas. In fact, it can even be styled to look like aged brick. With a few pieces of furniture placed in strategic locations, the basement can be turned into a cozy game room for family parties.

Pick Matching Themes

As your home begins to come together, you will want to ensure that the flooring ultimately matches the other fixtures. If you wish to model the house after a Victorian mansion, for example, then hardwood floors are likely the way to go. Carpet and porcelain, meanwhile, will be better for traditional residences.

Now that you have a viable plan of how to choose flooring,  go create a design that your family will love.  Who knows? Your home with its beautiful new flooring may just be featured on that home-makeover show of yours.

Author bio: Jennifer Parker is the writer and owner of Handyman For The Home, a blog all about home improvement, renovations, interior design, and DIY decorating. She is also a freelance writer for Floor & Décor, a flooring retailer specializing in hardwood and laminate flooring. Jennifer’s work can be found on various interior design and remodeling blogs around the web.


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