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Tips to target harden your home

Many folks are concerned about home security but do not take the simple low cost, “low hanging fruit” measures that can make a measurable difference.

We put together 18 home security tips that can be done easily, check them out:

18 Home Security Tips

  1. Lock doors and windows (sliding doors – insert bar).
  2. Install quality deadbolts.
  3. Ensure that all first floor windows have working locks.
  4. Do not open the door to people you do not know (this includes doubts about utility workers – call police if in doubt).
  5. Remove “ladders” around your windows.
  6. Install a peephole in your door.
  7. Play “burglar” with your own home. Walk around it to look for vulnerable entry locations.
  8. Draw shades and/or curtains at night.
  9. If possible move valuables out of street-sight.
  10. Automatic motion floodlights are great!
  11. Keep lights at the doors on at night.If a light is out and someone knocks … be aware.
  12. Consider alarm systems / “Alarm stickers”.
  13. Ensure your house number is clearly visible and easily seen for responding emergency services.
  14. Answering machine messages (use “we” and not names or numbers).
  15. Bathroom light and radio left on.
  16. Have a vacation plan (ie; mail, auto light timers, trash, etc.).
  17. Never leave notes or messages on doors for delivery people.
  18. Have a plan for emergencies and practice them.
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