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HISEA Workwear Review

HISEA Tactical Cargo Work Pants & Soft Toe Work Boots

There is no doubt here at ACC we love our workwear. We feel obligated to you, our viewers, to review as many of these brands as we can so you can arm yourself with the most accurate information when deciding to purchase your work gear. HISEA reached out to us wanting our feedback on their work gear. Let’s take a closer look at the HISEA Workwear!

HISEA is an online retailer that offers footwear, workwear, and angling apparel. It was founded in 2011 by an outdoor enthusiast looking for affordable, high-quality fishing gear. Hunting, fishing, farming, fieldwork, construction, and other outdoor hobbies can all benefit from HISEA’s comprehensive selection of robust, lightweight, and rigorously tested gear. Every detail has been carefully considered for its utility. Whatever the terrain, HISEA equipment is equal to the task.

HISEA Tactical Cargo Work Pants


As previously mentioned we have done a lot of workwear reviews. It’s safe to say not many have heard of the brand HISEA. Nowadays there are hundreds, if not thousands of workwear brands on the market. These tactical cargo pants are sturdy and flexible to ensure maximum performance in the field. The ripstop material is made from woven fabrics, often made of nylon, which uses a reinforcing technique that makes them more resistant to tearing and ripping which is key in the construction industry.

We have been wearing these HISEA work pants for a couple of weeks on the job site and have no issues with them. They are comfortable, allow a good range of motion, and are not constricted when bending, crouching down, or kneeling.


These tactical cargo pants have a total of 9 pockets:

DuPont Teflon Technology

DuPont Teflon Coating adds another layer of defense. C8, a man-made chemical invented by Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, commonly known as 3M, to make Scotchgard, was one of the major elements in DuPont’s Teflon. Teflon’s non-stick qualities are due to this chemical. It’s stain, soil, and moisture resistant without sacrificing breathability. These work pants are also easier to clean thanks to the coating!

HISEA Tactical Belt

A nylon belt with a metal fast release was included with the HISEA Tactical pants. It was difficult to tighten the belt once it was on, so make sure you have it set to the length you want before weaving it through the belt loops!

HISEA Soft Toe Work Boots



It all starts with your feet. It can make or break your ability to work if your feet are uncomfortable. Good Supportive footwear is constructed from the bottom up! In our perspective, having comfortable soled footwear is what distinguishes a high-quality boot. We have been testing these HISEA Soft Toe Work Boots for a couple of weeks and much like their work pants, we have had no complaints.

My expectations for the HISEA boots were met right off the bat. They are made of soft leather and have a nice cushioned sole.  I was worried that they wouldn’t be comfortable all day long. That is not the case wearing them from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm. They are very comfy and well-fitting. My feet do not sweat at all in them. The light brown color is a great choice in our opinion.

Overall Impression

HISEA Workwear deserves to be recognized when it comes to rugged, comfortable, and affordable workwear. When you can find the combination of these three characteristics then in our opinion you have what it takes for us to wear your products. Our construction professionals think that HISEA is worth it!


How To Purchase

A multitude of sizes and four different colors are available for the HISEA work pants. You can purchase them on Amazon for $39.99 here: HISEA Tactical Work Pants.

HISEA Work Boots are sold in a few color variations but also sold with or without steel toes. For the purpose of this review, the HISEA Soft Toe Work Boot can be purchased on Amazon for $63.99 here: HISEA Soft Toe Brown Work Boot

For an additional 15% off on the HISEA website use the promo code: HSWORK15

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