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Hidden Fountain Cost

Photo of hidden fountain by ConcordCarpenter [click on photo to enlarge]

Since posting on how I built this hidden fountain I have been asked by friends and customers how much it cost to build. If you missed that post I have included them at the bottom of this one.
More specifically I’m asked the question;

How much would it cost ME to have one installed?

My initial response is …….

Since each design and installation location is unique it’s difficult for anyone to put a price tag on an unseen, unknown project.

The project cost would be dependent on the size /cost of the glazed pot, the size of the hidden water collection basin, the size of the pump and distance from existing electrical supply.

I know many of you would not be happy with that answer so I sat down and wrote this post, coming up with a price range.

If I were to charge someone to install the project in these pictures that project cost would be approximately $ 1200.00 to $1500.00

See the following two links to view how this project came together.

Building A Glazed Pottery Fountain Part 1

Build A Disappearing Water Fountain Part 2

Hope this helps!

Note ~ These fountains can be installed indoors and outdoors. If interested in having a fountain installed in your home or garden contact me.

~ concord carpenter

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