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Mr Heaters HERO Cordless Job Site Heater Review

Mr. Heater’s 35,000 BTU Forced Air HERO Cordless Job Site Heater Review:

Mr. Heater recently launched a cordless job site heater called the HERO and recently sent me one to evaluate and review. The HERO is a cordless job site heater that produces forced hot air and is fueled by a propane tank.

The HERO Cordless Job Site Heater:

Three of the biggest complaints on the job site with propane heaters are lack of portability, loud noise and noxious exhaust smell.  The HERO addresses all three.

The HERO cordless job site heater is small and light, weighing in at 12 pounds. An over sized handle accepted by gloved hand and allowed me to carry this light, compact and portable heater easily. Portability solved!

I was a bit skeptical that this little thing was going to produce 35,000 BTU’s of heat – I was wrong, see video or keep reading.

Video Review:


The HERO Cordless Job Site Heater Features:


Mr. Heater’s HERO features a built in battery and charging system that provides a full 8 hours on a single charge. The HERO comes with a power cord for charging and can also be plugged in and charged while it is running. The HERO cordless job site heater will run 12 hours on a 20 pound propane tank.

The rechargeable battery charges in 5 hours but the fact that you can still use the HERO while charging is a plus. The rechargeable battery is internal and is touted to last up to 3 years and be replaced. It is located low in the heaters base which also help this cordless job site heater maintain its balance and stability.

HERO Features:

Using the HERO Cordless Job Site Heater:

I brought the HERO cordless job site heater outside to my utility trailer. I bought a new trailer and was outfitting it with shelving, temperatures were 32 degrees and I was curious how it would fare in area that was not closed in.  The HERO worked well to take away the cold and provide me a warmer working environment.

Shhhhh!  What’s that noise?    I can tell you it;s not the HERO -The first thing I noticed while using the HERO inside my 6 foot by 10 foot trailer was how quiet it was.  Mr. Heater states that they are using a patent pending Quiet Burner Technology burner which results in a 50% quieter heater. This technology also results in the heater using 70% less power than other forced air heaters.

I takes a few pushes to get the igniter button to ignite but once warmed up the HERO started on one push.

One really nice feature on the HERO is its unique cone‐shaped design and custom engineered fan reduces turbulence and produces more efficient heat while keeping the unit cool to the touch. I was able to touch the heaters outside housing without a glove. I was amazed that the heater was cool to the touch. I’m still trying to figure that one out!

I did not like the removable power cord and can see this quickly becoming separated from the heater. Mr. Heater should rethink the power cord either permanently attaching it or making a plug that accepts an extension cord.

Overall Impression:

I was impressed with the HERO.  It functioned as advertises; quite, protable, low odor and cordless!

Mr. Heater’s Hero cordless propane heater has numerous applications from outdoor activities like ice fishing, tailgating events, sporting events, and construction applications. It’s the perfect size for a remodeling contractor like me who often needs to heat a smaller area and wants the portability and lower noise. Well done Mr. HERO.

 How Much and Where to Buy:

Mr. Heater’s HERO can be purchased online for approximately $160.00 here: Mr-Heater-000btu-cordless-propane


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