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Hart 15 Inch Pry Bar model

Hart 15 inch Pry Bar model HFB001


Hart 15” Pry Bar model HFB001

So the folks at Hart Tools sent me their 15’’ pry bar to try out. From past experience, I know there is a tool for every job and with Hart Tools offering 2 styles of pry bars they have you covered! Their line offers a 4 in 1 Molding Bar, and a 15’’ pry bar. I reviewed their 15’’ pry bar.

On the Job-site:

The Hart 15 inch Pry Bar model HFB001 performed well for the all tasks it was used on except for demolition.

For the demolition, I felt the bar was not long enough to get good leverage. I did feel that it was strong and did not bend under pressure. The first job-site it was on, I used it to remove pine exterior trim that I was replacing with a cellular PVC product. All the pine was hand nailed in with 8 penny nails so I was able to try out the nail puller options this bar offers. I have to admit, I usually reach for my hammer to pull nails, but with this bar I never reached for my hammer and comfortably removed all nails with the Hart pry bar. Also with the sharp teeth on this Hart pry bar I was able to remove old bulky stucco from the cement columns that were getting trimmed out with cellular PVC. Using this bar was a nice change for me because I am used to using a different style pry bar.

The next project I put this bar to the test on was replacing sills on a 2 story building. When I removed the old rotted sills I was able to use this bar to split the old timbers. I also used the curved end to help scrap/dig out the debris. Once again removing the old nails on this project went well using the Hart pry bar. Other projects it was used on and worked very well were removing base molding, 908 casing, vinyl siding and a wood window frame.


· Forged metal

· 3 Nail pullers

· Contoured for comfortable grip

Overall Impression:

I enjoyed using this style pry bar and it was a nice change. This Hart 15 inch Pry Bar model HFB001 is now kept in my front line tool bag. I would highly recommend this pry bar for general carpentry use, trim removal and nail pulling. Its contoured grip was comfortable. It’s lightweight. The nail pulling features on this pry bar were an asset. The way Hart stamped their name into the bar is also an attractive feature, I must say. Hart 15’’ pry bar can be purchased from their website for $24.99 or through an authorized online dealer.

Author Bio

Michael Hopp is a registered contractor in the State of Rhode Island. He has been registered for the last 10 years specializing in interior and exterior remodeling, doors and windows.

Mike began practicing his trade 19 years ago at William M. Davies Career and Technical High School in carpentry shop. This gave him the opportunity to become an apprentice at Brodeur Window Distributors. Mike continued working at the company for 10 years. During this time he was in charge of the specialty door shop and assisted on service calls.

For the last 10 years, Mike has been practicing as a general contractor in Rhode Island with his company MJH Construction. He obtained his LLC status 2 years ago. Even though his background is in doors and windows, his passion is for remodel work.

Mike is also a full time career firefighter and is a Lieutenant on Rescue.

Mike resides in North Providence, Rhode Island with his wife Jennifer and daughter Olivia.


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