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Hand Saw Maintenance

Hand Saw Tip – Hand Saw Maintenance

There is more to hand saw maintenance than sharpening the teeth.  

Keep Hand Saw Rust Free

Storing your handsaw in a case or sleeve and keeping it  moisture free is important to keeping the blade sharp and from staining the wood your cutting.   Adding silica gel packets to your hand saw tool box or tool bag significantly helps.

Remove surface rust with a utility blade and 220 04 400 sand paper.  To prevent rust from forming  lightly coat your saw  with oil prior to storing.

Lubricate saw with candle wax

To keep your sharp hand saws cutting smoothly, periodically rub a candle along both faces of the saw.

This will help the saw move through the wood and make your cuts a lot easier. When your saw starts binding, it’s time to rub it with the candle again.

Hand saw maintenance is not difficult and if you commit to these steps when you purchase your saw you’ll keep it in service, sharper, longer.





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