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Gun Safety And Kids

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Gun Safety And Kids

Gun Safety And Kids ~ What’s Important!


Whether you own a gun, or not it’s important to talk to kids about the potential dangers of guns, and what to do if they find one.

Guns are in more than one third of all U.S. households.  Being safe with guns can keep kids, teens, and even adults from getting hurt. Many times, guns are fired by accident.

As a police officer I am very aware of the fact that there are guns in many households as well as the one that I wear daily. Wearing it on my belt in a safety holster is one thing, what I do when I take it off is another?

As an adult and parent taking steps to properly secure a firearm is not only the responsible and safe thing to do but it’s also the law.

Gun Safety Inside Your home.

I feel very strongly that all kids should know what to do if they find a gun or if they are with someone who finds a gun. Here are some suggestions on Gun Safety And Kids:

If you do keep a gun in the house, it’s vital to keep it locked, out of sight and out of reach of kids.

Massachusetts Law requires that a gun be secured in a specific manner. All guns must be stored in a locked container or equipped with a tamper resistant mechanical lock or other safety device to prevent unauthorized use.

An even safer practice is to store the gun in a locked container, unloaded, and the ammunition stored /locked separately. Make sure your kids don’t have access to the guns, ammo, keys or the lock combinations.

Gun Safety Outside Your Home

Gun safety does not end when your child leaves your home.

Kids can still come in contact with a gun at a neighbor’s house, when playing with friends outdoors, or under other circumstances.

Discuss gun storage /safety with the parents of friends if your child spends time in their homes. It may feel like an awkward conversation, but the person you ask will likely understand that you only have your child’s safety in mind.

Talking to Kids About Gun Safety

Teach kids to follow these four rules from the National Rifle Association (NRA) if they come into contact with a gun:

It’s particularly important that children leave the area where the gun is located to avoid being harmed by someone who doesn’t know not to touch it.

A child as young as 3 has the finger strength to pull a trigger.

See: What are the statistics about kids and firearm deaths and injuries?

Stay safe ~ concord carpenter
source: RAND Univ. of Mich.


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