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Greenworks 24V Cordless Stick Vacuum

Greenworks 24V Cordless Battery White Stick Vacuum w/ 4.0 Ah USB-C Battery & Charger

If you own a home, you probably own at least one vacuum, maybe even more than one. Dirt, dust, pet hair, food crumbs, and other debris cover our rugs, our couches, and our hardwood flooring, necessitating a high-quality vacuum to keep our homes clean. My wife and I are so glad we cut the cord and chose to use the Greenworks 24V Cordless Battery White Stick Vacuum w/ 4.0 Ah USB-C Battery & Charger (SVW24L411).


Why Greenworks?

If you don’t already own at least one Greenworks product, what are you waiting for? As advertised on their website, Greenworks is the most awarded and recognized brand in outdoor equipment. I also own the Greenworks Pro 80V Cordless Mower and it has performed magnificently for 2 seasons in my yard. Greenworks has a strong reputation for designing and manufacturing solid, dependable cordless tools.

So Many Accessories!

Greenworks really thought of everything a homeowner might need when cleaning his or her house and they packaged it inside this model. With five different cleaning heads, you have the tools to tackle almost any job. Using either of the 2 conveniently located release buttons, all of the tools can either be attached at the base of the 29-inch extender or just below the motor area itself to give you a handheld vacuum instead.

The floor brush is of course the one that you will use the most on your rugs and hard surfaces. The floor brush itself is 10 inches wide and it has an easily removable brush roll that is effortlessly cleaned when necessary–it takes seconds to take out the brush roll in order to clean it! There are two large 2-inch rubber wheels and two small rollers attached to the floor brush that make the vacuum very easy to push and maneuver.

I was very confident that the rubber wheels on the bottom of the floor brush would protect my delicate floor surfaces from scratches. Another nice touch by Greenworks was the addition of a soft “fur strip” across the front of the floor brush so that the plastic head would not scratch your furniture and baseboards when you bumped into these items.

The crevice tool was awesome for so many cleaning tasks, especially when I used the Greenworks vacuum as a handheld device. The crevice tool was ideal at almost 8 inches long and only ­­­half an inch wide. It is also notched at the end to allow airflow when extracting dirt from under your couch cushions. The crevice tool fits into all of the narrowest spaces—including that crumb-collecting space between your car’s driver’s seat and the armrest—to unearth dirt and debris.

My second favorite tool was the 2-in-1 round brush. It had a large 2-inch by .75 inch angled opening and the bristles on the end are retractable. Large quantities of dirt could be picked at once or you could engage the bristles to brush embedded dirt off of hard surfaces. I found the brushes on this tool especially helpful when removing stuck-on dirt from the grout on our tile floors and for extracting the sand from between the grooves of my car’s floor mats.

The soft bristle fur brush has fixed bristles and a 4-inch long by 1-inch wide head. I found that one to be perfect for cleaning our baseboards and removing our cat’s hair from the couch. If you owned window blinds, I could see this tool working really well to remove any dust and hair from them.

Finally, Greenworks included a deep cleaning motorized brush that works wonders on anything that is covered in hard-to-remove cat and dog fur. The head of the brush has a 5-inch wide opening, a 2-inch roller, and the entire head pivots almost 90-degrees, allowing you greater maneuverability on soft surfaces. The motorized brush really spins at a fast rate and it lifted up all of our cat’s fur from the couches that he insists on sleeping on.

Lengthy Extension Wand

Greenworks equipped the 24V Cordless Battery White Stick Vacuum with a very handy 29-inch extension wand, or what they call the “extender” in their manual. There is a locking release button on the end that attaches to the motor and the other end attaches to the floor brush. The internal tube of the extender is 1-inch wide, which I found perfect for preventing clogs when dealing with large amounts of cat fur.

When the extender is attached to the floor brush, it can achieve unbelievable maneuverability. The flexible plastic tube inside the floor brush twists approximately 140-degrees. With that much “twist” available to me, I could snake the head behind chairs and side tables with ease. It was so easy pushing and pulling the Greenworks vacuum into tight spaces with the highly mobile floor brush and 29-inch extender.

Another added bonus of the long extension wand and mobile floor brush is that it can almost lie flat on the ground, making the dust tumbleweeds under your couch easily reachable. I could push more than 16 inches of the extender and brush underneath our couches that offered only a 4-inch gap of space. Not one of our massive electric vacuum cleaners could ever reach under our couches or under our beds like this Greenworks 24V Cordless Battery White Stick Vacuum could. Removing hair, dust, and debris from under those tight and previously inaccessible spaces makes this vacuum very useful.

An Included HEPA Filter

The Greenworks 24V Cordless Battery White Stick Vacuum comes with a washable and reusable HEPA filter. The medical-grade certified HEPA filter traps 99.97% of dust allergens, which is a great way to help the allergy sufferers in your family. The filter is two pieces, with a metallic outer strainer that houses the washable paper HEPA filter inside it.

The HEPA filter and strainer fit inside the collection cup/dust bin easily. There is no need to struggle getting it to fit inside the large plastic dust bin since the tab atop the filter lines up perfectly with the notch in the dust bin. Once the filter is inside the dust bin, you will notice that there is not a lot of room left for the dirt and pet fur you need to vacuum up. Greenworks includes a Max Fill line on the bin only 2.5 inches from the bottom of the bin itself.

If you own a large house with wall-to-wall carpet, you might have to empty the dust bin at least once before finishing your cleanup. If you own a dog with long hair, you will definitely need to empty this dust bin more often than many other users. We only have wall-to-wall carpets in our bedrooms and area rugs on our first floor, so the bin was always big enough for a thorough cleaning of each room.

Emptying The Dust Bin

When you are ready to remove the dust bin from the vacuum itself, you first need to push the large button on the left side of the vacuum, which allows the dust bin to pop-up from the vacuum’s frame. Once the bin is elevated, you need to twist the dust bin counter-clockwise to unlock it from the frame and then you can pull it off.

When the bin is off of the vacuum, a simple push of the button on the bottom of the dust bin unlocks the large door and all of the dust, dirt, and debris can be emptied without you needing to touch anything. You can certainly keep your hands clean using this “trap door” release button, but I found that hair and fur often clung to the side of the metal strainer and I would need to either pull it off, or remove the filter from the bin entirely to brush it off. This was not a deal-breaker for me because I knew it would lead to a more efficient and effective vacuuming experience.

If you are only picking up dirt or sand from your car mats, for instance, the release button alone would work to empty the dust bin.

Included LED Lights

The Greenworks 24V Cordless Battery White Stick Vacuum includes 5 handy LED lights on the front of the floor brush. I didn’t think I would need the lights, but the LEDs were very helpful when vacuuming underneath our couch and underneath our kitchen table. It is important to note that these lights are only included on the floor brush and they are “always on” when the vacuum is being used since there is no button to turn the LEDs on or off. I wish there was a way to turn off the lights when they were not necessary, but I am not sure how much battery life you would gain with an off switch.

Extended Battery Life

Unlike some other battery-operated vacuums, the Greenworks 24V Stick Vacuum intelligently provides you with three choices of power–high, medium, and low. With 3 choices of power, you get to choose what matters to you most for the cleanup task at hand–battery longevity or greater power.

Pressing the speed button (a plus sign) on the touchscreen gives you two indicators—the battery capacity and the remaining runtime.   When running at low, the battery indicator gives you 45 minutes of runtime. At medium speed, you have approximately 18 minutes of runtime available to you. At the high speed, the battery runtime is 10 minutes. I found throughout my testing that the runtimes on the screen were incredibly accurate. I used the vacuum multiple times on high and always achieved 9-10 minutes of run time. When I vacuumed the entire house, I would switch to medium and get 18-19 minutes of run time without question. Running it on low was usually reserved for our hard tile, wood surfaces, and berber carpet. On the low setting, the battery would keep going and going, easily reaching 45 minutes of runtime. I really liked having an indicator showing me how much more time I had remaining, and I especially appreciated how accurate the Greenworks technology was.

On the battery itself, there is also an icon that you can depress to get a digital display of the percentage of battery life remaining. I liked the numeric percentage much more than “the 3 or 4 bars” of battery life that some other batteries use. Again, providing a percentage button was a nice design by Greenworks. For those that might want to take the 24V battery on the road for other, more mobile pursuits, there is a USB-C port that you can use to charge your devices. Another win by Greenworks!

The charger that Greenworks includes with the Stick Vacuum reliably charged a fully depleted battery in 30-31 minutes, as they advertise on the charger itself. Whenever you attach the battery to the charger, it will tell you how much time is remaining to get to 100% capacity, and those times are also incredibly accurate. While only being able to use the vacuum for 10 minutes on high might not be enough for some homes, having a freshly re-charged 24V battery in only 30 minutes time is really impressive when compared to other companies. Providing such a rapid charger as part of the standard package is usually something you have to pay extra for. Bravo Greenworks!

The charger also functions as a rack to hang the vacuum and the accessories on a wall.

The Vacuuming Experience

The Greenworks 24V Cordless Battery White Stick Vacuum has an impressive list of accessories and features, but how does it perform when vacuuming your carpets? My wife and I were very pleased with its performance in our house! This vacuum has all of the power and the flexibility needed in order to leave your corded vacuum in the closet.

The vacuum itself is operated using a trigger on the handle. While I found the trigger to be user-friendly, we both often accidentally shut it off because that is where we unconsciously placed our finger when using the vacuum. It takes some time to train yourself to keep your finger alongside the trigger instead of directly on it.

My wife and I both loved the 3 different power settings available to us as we cleaned our carpets, hardwood flooring, and car interior. The Greenworks TruBrushless™ technology utilizes magnets to help the motor spin and give the same consistent suction no matter what you are vacuuming. The Greenworks vacuum offers 170 air watts (AW) of power, which factors in airflow, suction, and power input. Considering 100 air watts is standard for most upright vacuums, Greenworks really set the bar high by offering 170 AW of power behind their 500W brushless motor.

In terms of the noise level generated by the Greenworks Stick Vacuum, the average decibel levels were as follows: 67 decibels at low, 72 decibels at medium, and 76 decibels at high. It was not exceptionally loud, but it could still cause our cat to run in fear.

The low setting definitely worked best for hard surfaces, low-pile carpets, and car upholstery. I used the medium setting the most since it gave me the power I needed to remove my cat’s hair from our couches, as well as a full 18 minutes of power. When set to high power, the Greenworks Stick Vacuum really displays its ability to remove dirt from your home. When on high, I could physically feel the power of the brushless motor lifting up the area rug in our living room–the suction power was that noticeable!

Whenever I finished vacuuming a surface, the amount of dirt, debris, and hair inside the dust bin always shocked me. To further test the effectiveness of the Greenworks 24V Stick Vacuum, I would run our giant electric vacuum over the same rug immediately after using the Greenworks vacuum and I almost never picked up any new dirt. The Greenworks 24V Cordless Battery White Stick Vacuum is the real deal, for sure.

Final Thoughts

Owning a vacuum is a pre-requisite for almost anyone living in a home, a condo, an apartment, or a dorm. Dirt happens and you need something to clean it up. While a corded vacuum can do the job, the constraints of an electrical cord are obvious as the cord literally has you tethered to an electrical source. I believe the Greenworks 24V Cordless Battery White Stick Vacuum will bring you all of the power, all of the accessories, and the mobility that you will need when cleaning your home, and it will probably put a smile on your face at the same time!

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