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The idea of using a flexible, light weight bag, which can instantly be transformed and perform just like a steel dumpster is changing the way I remodel.

They’re NOT just for contractors – homeowners will find dumpster bags extremely useful!

Before dumpster bags we would show up to a small repair project with trash barrels and depending on what we find we then might have to order a dumpster.   Now instead of having to guess and scramble with unexpected repair and renovation debris, I just keep some dumpster bags in my tool trailer.

Dumpster Bag Contents

So, what can you put in a dumpster bag? Almost anything you can put in a dumpster. Toilets, drywall, old lumber, sinks, furniture, clothes, cabinets, flooring or roofing materials – you can even add really heavy stuff like brick and asphalt shingles (if your local regulations allow) as long as you don’t fill the bag to more than 3,300 pounds.

Just make sure you set up the bag where they can grab it with their crane – 18 feet. When the bag is full, schedule your pickup – makes it easy to do online – and you’re done. You don’t need to be home to wait for the hauler.

Dumpster bags the Perfect Solution

We exclusively use dumpster bags from a company called’s. GBPU’s dumpster bag costs about $40.00, and are reusable up to 3-6 times, as long as the bag stays structurally strong

The hauler crane releases the bag handles in such a way that the dumpster bag is emptied into the truck and the bag becomes re-usable. Dumpster Bags are durable, puncture and tear resistant. The best part of these bags . Each bag can handle three cubic yards of waste, or up to 3,300 pounds, and each pickup is only $149, at least $30 less than the other guys.

Even if you used the bag all three times, it would still be cheaper than a small dumpster!

Reasons To Use a Dumpster Bag Dumpster Bags offer a lot to like, here are a few reasons:

GREENBAGPICKUP Dumpster Bag Service is a perfect solution for small renovations or clean up jobs that are too small for a dumpster just plain doesn’t make sense or logistically work.

Check them out! Dumpster Bag Video Review


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